About the Critter Sitter

The safety of your animals are my First Priority

I’m eleven, but don’t let my age fool you! I have had many pets, reptiles, rodents, dogs ..etc. I love pets and I think you’ll agree I’m ready to pet sit.
I live on Vashon, and I would love to pet sit your pets! I take on any pet, snake lizard, spiders, turtles, dogs,cats, and yes even pigs! All animals were created equally in gods eyes and in mine. So all pets should have the time of their lives while you go and have fun!
I will walk your dogs, fish with your cats, and swim with your turtles. Ever pet gets applied a special treatment of YOUR Choice! (Along with the essentials of course). I live next to a dog park, so I’m no where short of places to walk your cute cuddly pets.

My packages

Sitter critter

Buy a package on top of your standard stay

5$ of your stay pets goes to a wildlife center
Standard: $20 a night
Walking your pet
Feeding your pet
Watching the pet
Playing with the pet
You can now Add a package

Photo package: +$10

A professional framed photo of your pet
A special treat
A scarf
Birthday package; + $24.99

Gourmet pet Cake
A present for your pet
Birthday hat
A specialized birthday video of your pet.
A scarf
A treat

Spoiled pet package: +$45
(Includes everything)
A scarf
A treat.
A photo of your pet
Some cute clothes
Paint their nails or scales
Bow tie or tiara

Your pets stay helps wildlife centers

When your pet stays with the “CRITTER SITTER” it will help pay for a wildlife center!

When you have your pets stay with me it’s a win win for the whole family!
You get to go explore the world... or anything else you have planned, while your pet has a amazing time at the critter sitter’s.

5$ gets donated to a wildlife center with each stay! Even better, if you buy a package 7$ will get donated! I love animals and want only the best, so if your animals stay at the critter sitter you will also be helping a animal in need.

About ME

Some more personal info

Hi my name in Antoinette, I’m a eleven year old girl . I have a love for animals and all things nature. I live on Vashon, and I am very willing to pet sit your pet.