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Hey I'm Vawneé Director for Pure Romance, Leader of the GoodVibez Girlz, Team Trainer for the #BossLadies and a crazy busy Momma of 3.

It is one of the greatest experiences of my life from the sisterhood, the training and most importantly the product testing.

Ready for some laughter and fun with your girlfriends? Summer dates are filling fast. Text party to 517.759.2129 to get yours booked.

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Rebranding Of Pure Romance

As the season changes so does our Pure Romance needs

Sexy Starts when the sun comes up

Pure21 Wellness Challenge

What is it? A 21-day program with detailed nutrition guidelines and your choice for exercise. Pure 21 is the perfect jump start to a healthier future, whether that means refreshing your commitment to simple daily changes or taking the first steps toward major lifestyle goals. The purpose is focusing on what your body needs, not what it wants, and the goal is a new you: a you that feels healthier, leaner, more active, and better than ever.Reach out for discounts


All New Mens Line has launched

Atlas comes in clean scented body wash, Moisturizing oil, Lotion, Shave Cream, and even cologne. Grab your bundle today to treat the guy in your life.

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Must have lubrications and enhancements

We have products for everything from helping with vaginal dryness to helping men last longer.

Number 1 picks Just Like Me in new watermelon to O enhancement cream to get from 0 to 60 in minutes.

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Bedroom Accessories

Choose from a variety of bedroom accessories from beginner to partner play there is something for everyone.

Questions please ask. Use code Shop10 on my website to get yours.

Bedroom Accessories

Lingerie Challenge

Your a gift to be unwrapped...wear the lingerie. Allow your inner goddess to feel powerful, sensual and seductive!

Discounts and prizes


Love Box Monthly Themed filled with goodies

Every month a newly themed love box will arrive in the mail filled with must have goodies. Purchase through the link.

Want to skip a month, no worries you can do that.

Monthly Love Box

Start your Adventure as a Pure Romance Partner

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime

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