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Luxury Bridal Jewelry & Stylist

The Luxury Lady is our Priority. The CEO, The Mom, The Wife, The Sister, The Frennn ! Welcome to the Haus of Visions. Home of “Luxury Jewelry” & “Tranquil Lux” Luxury Eucalyptus Candle. Now offering “PrioriTEA” by @LifeCoachSpeedy and our newest Apparel line “Triple H Brand” Click the link below to show our newest Spring Collection “Hoops are for..” available NOW for PREORDER, set to release 3 . 2 . 2022! You don’t want to miss this one!

Luxury Jewelry

“Smile, you never know when you’re entertaining an Angel.” - Mrs VBA

Media & Press Photography by VBA

Visions by Angel the Media Group is a Multi Service Marketing & Business Resource Center for entrepreneurs building their brands. We provide clients with Media & Press Coverage for Brands and Corporate companies. Editorial, Runway, & Portrait Photography for Special Events & Organizations .

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Life Coach Speedy

“Profit is on the other side of your passions & success is directly ahead of your fears.”

Life Coach Speedy , the “Confidence” Coach, is your Business Start Up Mentor , liaison for resources and “Confidence Bestie” to become a CEO of your own brand.

Starting a business can be mind blowing! Just like having a baby, just like postpartum, there are “mental struggles” that come with birthing your “Business Baby” too! That’s why I’m here, for You.

Our “Core Confidence Course” identifies stagnant concerns, “forward hinderances” and traumas & fears associated with starting a business. @Lifecoachspeedy provides clients with intimate one-on-one sessions loaded with tools to get you past YOU! Through core work and foundation strategies we will create a mental space preparing clients and ready for their journey to execution , financial freedom & entrepreneurship.

So let’s jump on a “Confidence Call” and let’s turn your passions into profits!

Hoops are for ..

Luxury H%€$ !

Business Headshots

“C’mon now.. Give the People what they came for!” - Attorney Natsha Mayne Esq.

VBAngel Marketing Strategy Consultations

“You need us.. Tap In!” We’ve got the creative ideas and resources your brand needs. Schedule your session to effectively reach your profit goals and target audience

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Product Imaging

“Profitable products need the right light.” Take your website up a notch with product images cart irresistible ! Schedule your session today .