Meet Vannessa

Get to know me on a personal level

Thank you for taking a second to check out my page, and reading a little bit about who I am!

My name is Vannessa, you can call me Vee if you prefer. I have a big family, a daughter of my own and three siblings I have taken guardianship of! My hobbies include crafting, gardening, yoga, and teaching myself how to live a life full of deeper meaning. I love learning about astrology, plants and crystals to name a few things. I am a pescatarian, I try my best to eat a plant based diet and live an eco friendly life.

I live in a small town in Northern California. There aren’t very many job options that are local, and that are worth my time away from my family. I decided to be a stay at home Mom creating an income from the comfort of my home. I have my own brand, Finnessa Beauty Boutique (@finnessa.beautyboutique) where I offer cosmetics and accessories in my online store. I am also a Marketing Partner for a vegan and nontoxic hair and skin care company. In my free time I create and sell beautiful custom art pieces that are made with lots of love.

I’m happy to say that I can live the life I do through being ambitious and never losing sight of my dreams. Thank you for joining me and being a positive influence on my journey through this life.🌞