Is this the Shortcut to financial freedom?

Ciao! I'm Velma

I consider myself a fierce, friendly and feminine African woman who radiates excitement, energy and elegance.

I followed the traditional path to wealth building- go to school, study a high paying degree and then work at a high paying job. Sounds easy on paper, but reality hit different after completing my undergraduate degree in Mining.
It is tough getting a job (i admit i was abit picky). The unemployment rates are high and when you do get a job as entry level- the earnings are peanuts.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Mining, I felt lost. I had to find an online job that could provide for my growing expensive tastes.

That is when i discovered iGenius.
A company that helps you participate in the financial markets- forex, equities and crypto in the most simplified way.

For an unemployed graduate, I was kinda broke. How was I going to invest in the different financial markets? I needed money to make money.

Genius as the name is, the company also offered an additional way to make income through becoming a distributor of the financial products.

Like a positive vicious cycle- iGenius makes you money so you can make more money in the financial markets.

And I think that's brilliant.

My goal is to create financial abundance for myself and to help others do the same by sharing the company's opportunity with you.

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What iGenius members are raving about

Afnan Khalifa

"The company has changed my life, my family's life and I'm absolutely grateful for the community. But my favourite service is the crypto elite because it allows me to literally have my money working for me while I'm working on my business and I'm absolutely grateful for that"

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Noble Mike Jamison

"Super excited about the iGenius technology, the platform and strategies. Mainly because it gives opportunities to have access to multiple technologies throughout the different industries whether it is the forex, equities or crypto marketplace. And i really love the idea of having diversity in an investment portfolio. If you are looking for a way to be able to be a retail investor and take control of your finances- iGenius is the way"

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Christina Aivalis

"Aside from all the products I love and use, my #1 favourite is crypto elite Artificial Intelligence. I always knew the power of cryptocurrency. I always wanted to get into it myself but the number one thing holding me back was doing it myself. Not only did this allow me to get into the market but also completely hands-free, which is a no brainer for me- hence one of my fave products"

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Lily Zaremba

"Absolute favourite is Binary Pro because we go live together as a team Monday through Thursday in the mornings and we make money as a team. The experts tell us what exactly to do step by step, what currencies to go with and when to go. So it is just following their lead and we make money together as a team in this fast paced market. And that's why I love binary pro."

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Sayna Alipanah

"My favourite service has got to be Money Pro. Prior to getting involved i really had no financial literacy or financial education simply because school never really taught me about that stuff. So to get access to Money Pro and learn not only how to manage my money but also the day to day things that we never really think about such as house payment or transportation payment, and daily things we go through in life that we can really be saving money on. Money Pro taught me how to manage my money better and become much more financially literate. "

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iGenius empowers you to take control of your finances, embrace change, live smarter and see the world differently.

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