Just a girl with her beauty and wine

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. I'm 28 and a full-time aviation engineer. I basically design airports 💁🏻‍♀️, if that helps.

Besides always working in a male dominant field all day long, 5x a week, I love being able to enjoy the girly things outside of work. WINE 🍷 and Beauty 🧖🏻‍♀️.

Why? Well, who doesn't love wine and self-care?

Anyways, friends and family have always asked me for recommendations or tips on those two things. I love sharing! Any knowledge or review or even to support a cause or help others, I'm that person. I've always thought "Sharing is Caring"

Wine With Me: I love as much as the next girl who's had a long day at work. Just pouring a glass of a sweet red blend. I always have bottles of wine stocked (reds and whites). I like sampling different kinds to get a taste of where they are made from. I find it adventurous yet peaceful to the mind.

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Beauty and the Beast: I'm all about wanting to have clear skin and a natural glow, but that's sometimes hard when I'm working late, sleeping less, or not taking care of my body like I should. My skin is sensitive, so products with harsh chemicals literally irritate my skin and dry it out. I find that self-care calms me and relieves me of my stress just like the feeling of having a couple glasses of wine.

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