The one who said not to take even little risks took the biggest one 🤐

Literally,I can't even say sryyy 🤐 coz I know I don't deserve it🤐

Evn if I could say sryyy🤐 or its acceptable🤐 then also ,you will not allow me to say sryy🤐

  1. 28th July,2021

    28th July,2021

    I literally risked everything🤐 by 1st sending msgs🤐 from fake no.🤐, then doing calls🤐 and then one simple fake sim call🤐 and again video call🤐 on what's app by fake what's app🤐 and revealing my face🤐 to ur bro, accidently 🤐 .

    I seriously fucked up everything🤐.

    All that I did was just🤐 coz of a simple reason🤐 ,you had to cut the call coz of ur bro🤐 and I, instead of understanding ur situation🤐 ,I kept on messaging🤐 n calling🤐 and then a video call 🤐as I thought he is not with u🤐 as u have said he locked🤐 the room from outside 🤐

    I was thinking🤐 on how to be your best friend🤐 in front of everyone🤐as you really need one💛 and I fucked all that🤐 by doing this huge mistake🤐

    I was gonna tell u🤐 to the ways on how🤐 u can make me best friend💛 in front of everyone🤐 which I can't discuss anymore🤐 as I think nothing gonna work now🤐 after all what I had done🤐

    I understand well🤐 it's not a simple mistake 🤐 from which we can🤐 soon recover ourselves 🤐

    Each day🤐 I'm doing something worse🤐 , a new mistake again n again 🤐 I literally don't know🤐 if I really deserve uh 💛 after all what I'm doing to uh🤐 even if all it is by mistake 🤐as these mistakes🤐 have been done by me only🤐even when these were unintentionally done🤐

    I'm not saying🚫 I don't deserve uh💢 I'm just saying 🤐 I just don't know🤐coz mistakes are continuously being done by me 💢n I'm risking every day💢which shouldn't be done🚫 Only you💛 ,meri jaaan❤️ can make me believe🖤 back whether I🤐 really deserve uh or not🤐 by ur words🤞n actions 🤞

    I may not know now🤐whether I deserve uh or 🚫 but I definitely know 🤞 even if I don't deserve uh🚫for now🤐, I will improve myself so much to deserve uh 🤞coz


    I want to grow🥺 with uh meri jaaan😭. Just be with me 🥺 till I make myself capable of uh 🙈 and when I will be capable of uh🙈 then I myself will never allow uh🙄 to leave me 🙈 coz I will be the one🙈 whom u deserve 🙈 I will be the one 🙈 who is more than🙈 what meri jaan deserves 🙈coz I will not allow meri jaan to settle only with 🥺 what she deserves 🥺 she's higher than that 🤞🙈

    I luvvvvv uhhhhh soooo muuuchhhhhh jaaan meriii🙈🙈 meriii jaanuudi🙈🙈meri Ashi 🙈🙈mera Panda 🙈🙈meri chudail🙈🙈my wifey🙈🙈muuuuaaahhhhhhhhhh👄💋👄💋👄💋👄💋👄💋👄💋