Yay!! New friends!!!

We hope you know how much God loves you, and so do we! At least we will, right after we learn your name 😂 We love making friends!!!!!

We’re a mother-daughter team spreading vibrant life and joy wherever we go, while flying by the seat of our pants with contagious energy! We keep meaning to get organized but…maybe next year 😬

We live in a giant house 🏡 all together in the Dallas-Fort Worth area 🤠 with husbands we adore ❤️ and a 3 year old Ruby who actually did hang the moon 🌙 We truly are living the dream!

What wakes us up in the morning is…well, coffee ☕️
But after that, it’s a passion for empowering moms to create vibrant health and finances to help their families live the life they have only dreamed of! We believe that every mom deserves the opportunity to build her own dreams and be her own boss, rather than building someone else’s dreams.

Mindy is the resident science nerd 🤓 and pediatric ER nurse.
She is super brainy and will talk your ear off ad nauseum about science-y stuff. But only because she has a passion for the power of plants 🌱 to heal the human body. Moms want to feed their kids well, but it’s confusing and life is busy. Mindy loves to offer moms hope through simple solutions.

Melanie (Mommel to all her friends ❤️) has a passion for nutrition, ever since her aunt called her 16 years ago. Maybe you should ask her about that sometime! But mostly she is a lover of Jesus and all people and wants to help everyone she meets. She is known for her smile and her chocolate chip cookies 🍪

At the end of the day, we just truly believe that every man, woman, and child deserve the opportunity to live a vibrant life. We are all about helping you find ways to do that!

A few of our favorite things:
🏖 Long walks on the beach
🍷 Sweet red wine
🎄 All things Christmas
🍷+🏖Wine on the beach
👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏻Family!!!!!! ❤️
☕️ Coffeeeeeeeeeee
☕️+🏖Coffee on the beach
🏖Did we mention we like the beach?🏖
🏆Playing games (esp winning them!)
😂 Laughing
🧁 Fabulous gluten-free goodies
📚+🏖Reading a good book written by the one and only Mike Hurley ON THE BEACH