About Me🌸

My name is Victoria Nicholas! I live in New Hampshire in a rural area. I love the outdoors! I am in a happy relationship with my wonderful boyfriend Nick! I know his first name is my last 😂 ANYWAYS, we have a son together, Parker. He was born on August 27, 2019. He is our whole world and we do everything we do because of him!

What do I do for work?

Well I do many things!

First off, I am a full time mom! If you’re a mom, you KNOW this it’s self is a full time job! 😂 I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Second off, I work for the New Hampshire National Guard full time as a unit supply SGT! I love my job, I love being a part of something bigger and helping others!

This brings me to my third occupation! Since I love helping others, I decided to join another team! I joined a company called Modern Nature🌱 more commonly known as MONAT! It is a vegan natural hair care line that I have used for a year now! It has completely transformed my hair into something I have always wanted it to be! I decided to hop on the train and join so many to share a show these products are amazing! I would love to get you some products or have you join our wonderful team!

You can DM me or send me an email @ victoria.nicholas2019@gmail.com