How we are building our retirement with automated passive income

Creating a legacy for our family

18 months ago my husband Phillip I were struggling to figure out how we would be able to have enough money for our upcoming retirement.

Phillip had been working long hours and overtime to try and build up our retirement funds, but we just didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

Then we were introduced to an Automated Forex Trading platform called CashFX.

We had never considered looking into crypto or Forex trading, as that stuff was for the young ones (or so we thought!) but we trusted our gut and got started.

We didn't have much money spare, but got ourselves started with a $1000usd trading pack to see how we would go.

Fast forward 18 months and our $1000 pack has earned us a nice $12500usd! That's about $17500aud. Gotta be happy with that!

What we love about CashFX is that it's a completely hands-off platform. The Pro Traders do the hard work and we reap the rewards every week.

Over the past 12 months or so, we have consistently been receiving a minimum 5% return each week. With the banks offering a lousy 0.01% per annum, I know where I'll be putting my savings from now on!

With packs starting at $300usd ($450aud) it's super affordable for everyone to get started. But, only invest what you are comfortable with.

If you'd like to learn a little more about CashFX, take a look at the 5min video below or reach out.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to change their life!

Let me share little more about my story and how CashFX is helping hubby and I retire early.

CashFX in 5min video

In this video my mentor Char breaks down the family pack strategy (which we personally use) to fast track your way to the $100k pqcks!

Family Pack Strategy Video