Hey there! I’m Victoria!

Milkshake bio

I am wife to a wonderful man, mom to the most beautiful boy and the sweetest dog. I am a lover of coffee, Jesus, essential oils and nontoxic products!

I started my wellness journey in November 2019. At first I was very unsure about getting oils and non tox products. I had tried some before and they never worked and I had weird reactions to them so why would these oils and products be any different? I thought I knew everything that I needed to know about essential oils. Once I got connected to our education groups I quickly realized I knew NOTHING! I found out about “fragrance” and how companies use that blanket term to hide toxic, hormone disrupting ingredients. I found out what set Young Living apart from these other companies. I learned about Young Livings Seed to Seal promise and learned about what the company stood for and how it really helps people in many different ways. Once I tried the products I was hooked. I got young living to help me sleep and to start ditching toxic products in my house so that one day when I have kids my home would be clean for them.

Now, all my products are switched over to young living products. It took some time (it did NOT happen all at once) but all my household products are clean and I have safe products for my family. I get everything I need for my health, the Kitchen, Living Room, Bedrooms, Etc. There are so many ways that this company can change your life!

I’m here to help you learn and grow in your wellness journey!