About Me

Heres My Story...

Hello beautiful people! Im Victoria, 21 years old working full time as my own boss. Yes you heard that right! This only started as a small on the side job, but now everyday I wake up helping other!

When I was given the chance to work for an amazing vegan, nontoxic, luxury and anti-aging hair and skin care company through my phone I was all in! Im always on my phone so it was just a perfect fit!

Ive been able to work wherever and whenever I choose! I don’t have to call in sick or request vacation days... I AM MY OWN BOSS!

I am now surrounded my strong, empowered woman who push me and only want to see me succeed! I am motivated and eager to find my truly happy place in this world.

If you are looking to get some extra cash or completely replace your current income by working on your phone, DM me and fill out my “work with me” application😊

- - - - - - - -

The products that I stand by are entirely 100% natural, VEGAN, free of toxins, are anti-aging and reverse any horrible effects normal store bought or even salon branded hair products have!

Treat your hair or skin with care, be aware of whats in the products your using on your body! The US only bans 11 chemicals from beauty products while the UK bans OVER 1,300 chemicals!!!

So do yourself a favor and take my hair or skin care consultstion (or both) and let me help you find the best products for your needs and concerns!

I cant wait to help change your life!😍