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Hi bæ ! I hope you are good today! I created this website to answer to your questions, help you and more! If you want me to add some things on this website just text me on Instagram.I will be glad to answer your questions .
Ily :)

1) ibfs

So i actually want to have ibfs so I will make a group on Snapchat so you can text your Snap on my Instagram. I will pick people but it will depend on how many people text me. But if you want to be my ibf you need

•to be a fanpage
• any gender
• 10-14
• is nice
• Any fandom :)
• don’t use me
•give shoutout i will too
•Helps me if I need help
• can FaceTime if not only if your insecure because I don’t want to be friend with someone old ✌️
•isn’t toxic
•help each other

For the group you need

•help other
•any fandom
• any gender
• give shoutout to the people in it
• we can FaceTime each other to talk about some fanpage things or some teatok
• if you want to be in the group you need to be a fanpage

More about credits ☻︎ -

So my colouring #1 is @victoriacharls one ! So if you want you can give credit to me or to her.

My colouring #2 is from @coconutscr! So like before you can give credit to me or her
•Bio: you can take it but give credit
•caption: don’t have one
•Pfp: it’s mine you can’t steal it I will know if yes
•video: no i made them I put efforts in it and I don’t want anyone to steal them if yes you are getting reported and blocked

Self promo ☻︎
I don’t mind if you comment one time or text me a video to interact but I won’t tolerate if you spam my comment section with your self promo. If you do spam my comments or you comment with some self promo thing in each of my videos, I’m sorry but I will block you. I will give you another chance but if you continue you will get blocked.

Spam ☻︎ -

If you spam me with likes i will block you.The same thing with self promo.

My accounts ☻︎ -
On tiktok

@.spaceqddis fanpage acc on tiktok

@vicxlife my aesthetic account on tiktok

My other socials ☻︎

• Insta: spaceqddis
•snap: victorialovullo

Ily <3 made by Victoria (spaceqddis)