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I am a Marketing and Brand Strategist who channels your vision into a step-by-step strategy to take you from where you are to where you want to go!

I help entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups with everything from branding and positioning to content creation and customer funnel strategy and automations.

I identify efficiencies and automate processes to save time and money which enables people to do more! I'm passionate about creating elevated engaging materials to educate and guide the end-user through a personalized journey.

My life mission statement:
Choosing to be honest and optimistic while accepting life’s challenges as opportunities for development and growth as I encourage, empower, connect & collaborate with others.

About me

At my core, I am collaborative and process-oriented with an investigative nature and a strong intuition

My name is Victoria Richardson. I am a enthusiast who is most proud of the relationships in my life; inside and outside of work. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mom of two amazing little boys (a dog and four chickens), friend, mentor, colleague and manager.

I use human design and other personalized tools to deeply understand individuals natural strengths and leverage their unique nature to align them with strategies and systems that best serve them.

I use a collaborative approach which allows me to open lines of communication, leverage varying points of view and identify opportunities in order create, propose and implement creative and practical strategies for teams and companies. I successfully create a culture that celebrates the uniqueness of each of individual contributions and talents.

I have a unique ability to organize seemingly disjointed thoughts or ideas and establish a unified vision. I am able to quickly organize and motivate the right team to drive efficiencies and make a positive impact. I frequently ask, “How can this be done better?”

Connect with me

What people say

Thank you to everyone who has provided me the amazing opportunity to work for, or with, them.

Here you will find recommendations from some of the most talented and motivated people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Justin Whiteaker | Senior Graphic Designer

“Victoria is the best boss I ever had. She perfectly merges communication between stakeholders and content creators by perfectly distilling all points of a project into a focused directive. Her rich understanding of personality types and honest no-nonsense communication makes her an effective director on any type of project or team. Not only does she understand the full gamut of stakeholder requests, but by also by understanding their feelings and priorities, even when they don’t outwardly speak it; she is able to guarantee a trust and structure many others just can’t provide. Her method of staying up-to-date on current workflow management tactics and tools give her an edge in the workplace too. Where others would struggle, due to contraints by archaic methods; she excels by staying head of that curve. I have never doubted her to guide our projects from start to finish, and if I ever had questions, she was extremely responsive in finding answers and solutions by being the best facilitator between all invested parties.”

Marie Bell | Senior Digital Designer

“I had the pleasure of working under Victoria for nearly a year… Victoria’s biggest strength is her ability to come up with creative marketing strategies and solutions for her clients that are effective and take their business to the next level. She is very honest, open person and a joy to work with. She always has a positive outlook no matter the challenge and is a great people manger. Her strategic thinking and candy -do attitude would be a strong asset to any company.”

Christie Veldhuizen | VP Operations/Designated Broker

“I think the highest compliment I could give is that your absence during maternity leave was extremely noticeable! You bring a strong sense of leadership and positive energy to your group. It has been interesting to watch you grow (learning CRE and supervising a team) and the resulting impact you have made to C&W, You have excelled at becoming visible, and eventually indispensable, to the broker community… Your team is now thriving and reaching new levels of accomplishments.”

Ronan McNulty | Associate Director of Research

“Victoria and I have lead the Shared Services departments at Cushman & Walefield in Phoenix together since 2017. In that time I had seen countless times her creativity and diligence manifest into deliverables that give our brokerage teams the tools to win business and close deals. Her vision in strategic planning is also remarkable; she can see not only the finished product in her mind, but work backward to weave seemingly desperate tools and stakeholders together.”

Mike Haenel | Executive Managing Director

“Our team has worked with Victoria Richardson for two years. Victoria always goes above and beyond to produce high-quality marketing materials for our team in a timely manner. Thanks to her effort and commitment to excellence our team has continued to gain market share in the commercial real estate market. Victoria is a winner and has a terrific attitude at all times.”

Kelli Ruziska | Graphic Design Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria for the last three years here at Cushman. She brings so much energy and positivity to the work place. Since becoming my manger in February 2018, I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day and being part of such a dynamic team. With her leadership, I clearly know the direction and goals of our marketing team and feel that I am a part of the process.”

Mike Beall | Executive Managing Director

“Our team is an agency leasing team that requires a great deal of collateral marketing materials to effectively promote our listings. This includes brochures, fact sheets, banners, boards, open house events, and the like. Every property requires specific branding and marketing themes in order to effectively position it within the market. Victoria and her team of graphics, communications and printing are crucial to making that happen. They bring creative ideas and materials to the table which has helped C&W to be the clear market leader in the Phoenix area. With their in-house presence, we are able to respond quickly to our clients timing demands. Our clients are impressed and our competitors are envious of our in-house capabilities.”

Rebecca Latham | Graphic Designer

“Victoria is great to work with. She is outgoing and friendly, and has been very helpful to me as a new hire as far as learning the ropes. She has set clear goals for the marketing department and is actively working towards reaching them to make our department even better.”

Jerry Roberts | Executive Managing Director

“We really appreciate your talent and passion for what we do and how good you are at supporting that vision!”

Jenny Disbrow | PR & Communications Specialist

“I have been at Cushman & Wakefield for a total of three years and under Victoria’s guidance for the past two. Since her on-boarding, and taking over the marketing department, she has implemented a strong project management system and collaboration across specialties and service lines. As a manager, she has helped further my abilities and, with her support, I have really grown within my career! Victoria’s willingness to push the boundaries and advocate for her employees doesn’t go unnoticed, along with her out-of-the box mentality and creative energy!”

Greg Mayer |Managing Director

“Since taking over the marketing team, Victoria has unified and transformed the department. She thinks big picture and provides a strong sense of organization which has enabled us to evolve one-off ideas into a holistic creative execution strategy. She has made significant strides in bringing on new talent that allow us to provide additional services to our customers like video and large format graphics! Her passion and creativity does not go unnoticed and she continues to work hard setting our team apart from the competition every day.”

Jen Treadwell | Senior Marketing Specialist

Awesome Manager!

- Has curated a high functioning marketing department that contributes on the local as well as national level.
- Conducts productive and inspiring team meetings with follow-up action items for everyone.
- Problem solver, quick thinking and fast acting. Able to constructively solve problems/conflicts even in large groups setting.
- Works with staff to discover passions and areas for growth that ultimately support our brokers/company
- Stands behind company wide and staff initiatives
- Respected, easily works with and helps guide brokers and staff with all personality types”

Don Rodie | Managing Director


Hey I just want to drop you a quick note to thank you again for all the best-in-class expertise you have delivered for our team. You’re always so quick to respond, assemble the right resources, listen to our project needs and offer great solutions. The deliverables are always outstanding and it truly makes a difference in our success. Your recent help with the multiple CVS project requests has been a specific and outstanding example of how we have come to rely on you and your team.


Impact projects

Innovative and interactive projects

These are some of my recent projects and creative business solutions I have created.

Holistically at Home

I worked with Danielle who is rebranding and refocusing her interior design business but didn’t know where to start. She had an inspiring vision where she will be teaching homeowners and interior designers how to intentionally curate functional and beautiful living spaces that reflect individual style and support holistic and authentic living. I quickly created a customized launch strategy that aligned with her ideal clients and would allow her to optimize her content and maximize her personal energy. She now has a clear path forward!

Launch Plan

Ryan at Woolf Logistics

Lead the development of the brand, coordinated the creative execution of various marketing deliverables and created/orchestrated a comprehensive go-to-market launch strategy.

Project included brand development, print and digital design, website development, video production as well as print and digital advertising.

Ryan at Woolf Logistics

Merit Airport Study

As all of you know, we were all faced with the Pandemic in March forcing us to work from home. Luckily, the Phoenix marketing team felt prepared when Merit Partners (the largest industrial developer in the Phoenix market) wanted a virtual market tour in May. We reimagined how we tour the market and leveraged a new platform called Ceros in order to create an interactive market tour experience for Mike Haenel, Will Strong, Andy Markham and Phil Haenel to virtually present to their client.
During the presentation, Phil emailed us and said, "On the phone with the client right now and they love it “NEXT LEVEL STUFF”. This was such exciting news and exactly what you want to hear as a Marketing Manager!
Rebecca Latham created the experience that resulted in the 83-acre land sale of $225,000 and the team is now in the process of executing the listing agreement for the 6 building industrial park totaling 896,400 SF! The leasing is estimated to bring in an estimated $22.4M to the firm!

Congratulations team and a special thank you to Rebecca and Ceros for giving us a platform to create an interactive and next-level piece for our client that was pivotal in this virtual environment.

Merit Airport Study

“The Carney Book”

“This interactive book allows me to easily visualize and analyze our market share and spot opportunities for organic growth, cross-selling and recruitment centered around our Strategic accounts. This knowledge is pivotal to build and execute my strategic plan.”
– Bryon Carney | Managing Principal

The Managing Principal, Bryon Carney, needed a deliverable that would allow him to quickly and easily access, interpret and create a strategic plan around the corporate organic growth initiative. This solution should include all 50 Strategic and Growth accounts and highlight existing local relationships, market share, cross-selling opportunities as well as potential commission and revenue.

Collaborated with the Managing Principals Executive Administrator, research and marketing to leverage GCS, CoStar and local asset management to create an interactive PDF. This document included a click-able table of contents for each growth and strategic account which lead the user to an abundance of information including: a heat map of the clients U.S. locations, client profile with existing relationships, service line breakdown and potential commission/revenue, leasing and Property Management detail, local and national trends, client contact information, number of buildings, SF managed, local and national landlord representation and the corporate client summary.

The interactive PDF was showcased by our Managing Principal at the national summit in 2018 and received high accolades from the America’s executive management team.

- Identified $100B in potential commission in Brokerage
- Identified $6.5M in potential cross-selling revenue for Property Management
- Identified potential cross-selling and recruiting opportunities

Shared Services Open House

2019 was a big retention year for the Phoenix office as we had approximately 60 fee earners from the legacy Cassidy Turley firm come out of contract at the end of 2018. In effort to create “stickiness” with them, I aggregated information for all internal shared services and leveraged my team to brand the event, promote the open house and successfully display what the Cushman & Wakefield platform offers. We had a great turn out and the event resulted in numerous meetings to jump-start additional projects!

Top Deals Dashboard

Leveraged new technology (iPlanner) to create a Top Deals dashboard which provides up-to-date information and transparency between the activity of fee earners with marketing, accounting and executive management on new pursuits as well as identifying listings with large marketing budgets.

This dashboard gives real-time insight into large/important pursuits that the Phoenix office is actively working on, what stage the pursuit is in, which fee earner(s) are working on it, whether we lost or won as well as whether if it is a Strategic, Growth, Halo or important local client.

In effort to establish a proactive approach with fee earners who have listings with large marketing budgets, I collaborated with the VP, Operations/Designated Broker and our designated Accountant to capture new listings with commissions more than $250,000. Marketing is now able to proactively engage the fee earners and schedule kick-off meetings to discuss more advanced marketing ideas and create an overarching strategy for the project.

My Top Picks

Amazing tools and platforms that I can’t live without

As a marketing manager with a passion for efficiency and a unique customer experience, I wouldn’t be able to live without these tools and platforms!

Favorite Quote

“True belonging doesn’t require that we change who we are; it requires that we be who we are.” Brené Brown