About Doulas

What is a Doula?

A doula is a women’s support partner throughout her labor journey. Since the beginning of times, woman have been known to help mothers that were expecting. Throughout this experience, they provided emotional, physical, and mental support. Doulas are non-medical certified workers in birth. Doulas have shown benefits towards reducing medical interventions, artificial drugs, and a speedier recovery throughout pregnancy. The relationship between a Doula and the client is established months prior to the client’s due date. It is important for this relationship to be build on trust in order for the client to feel comfortable with the Doula’s presence. Each Doula is different with their own rules, contract, and their services.

Who am I?

My journey into healthcare field began in 2018. I had graduated from “Delcastle Technical High School,” studying “Medical Assisting.” Following with my certifications as a CCMA and trained in CPR/First Aid. Currently, I am studying at Delaware State University..majoring in Nursing! Beginning in 2021, I began embarking a new experience in working at a Birth Center. Upon being hired, I witnessed and listened to the sounds of welcoming a new life. Assisting mother’s throughout their visits and the provider. This is where the spark hit, and I knew I wanted to help women embark on their birthing experiences whilst introducing relaxation techniques, beneficial exercises, and providing emotional support! Set up an initial consultation with me to find out more!