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Motivational Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Change and Leadership | Speaker for Entrepreneurial experience in Hospitality and Luxury Tourism | Entrepreneur

Victoria Trochoux is a serial-entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker of French-Ugandan origin 🇫🇷 🇺🇬.

She was quickly drawn into Corporate Strategy after beginning her career in a consulting firm, where she worked extensively in both the private and public sectors, most notably for Airbus.

Co-founder and former CEO of Monsieur et Madame Pyla, a high-end Concierge Service, she supervised over 15 villas and a big team on behalf of clients on the Bassin d'Arcachon (France) and regularly worked with American Express to provide luxury services.

In 2019, she co-founded SV Consulting, a rental tourism consulting firm. Their goal is to Help RentalPreneurs (landlords investors, concierge services, real estate agencies, hotels) to boost their occupancy rate through trainings, workshops and bespoke guidance.

Today, beyond her company, she enjoys lecturing at top French Business Schools and assisting businesses and leaders in Europe and Africa to develop their skills and entrepreneurial mindset through conferences.


Conference’s topics

In Europe and in Africa, Victoria provides remarkable virtual and live conferences, on several topics.

▪️ Inspiration & Motivation
▪️ Leadership & Achievement
▪️ Luxury tourism and Hospitality
▪️ Women in Leadership


• Triumph through Change

• Advance a Success Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

• Strengthen Resilience

• Diversity and inclusion

• Inspire and cultivate the Intrapreneurial mindset

• Inspire compassionate Leadership

• Leadership through conflict

Conference : Entrepreneurship opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality in Africa

Conference : Jobs that will revolutionise the Hospitality world

Client Testimonials

🎙 "If you had been at VATEL Bordeaux LIVE, you could have seen the two-minute standing ovation that Victoria got after her talk."

- Sarah Hedgar
Human Resources Director
Intercontinental Bordeaux


🎙 “Victoria has presented a well-planned, smart presentation. and such an inspiring conference with invaluable advices.”

- Nicole Bamukunde
VATEL Rwanda


🎙 "Absolutely a speaker ! Meticulous and professional, yes, that is what people want to see and hear. Victoria has Africa in her and we feel that youth and dynamism, in her too."

- Hela Mansour
Tourism serial-entrepreneur - France and Egypt


🎙 “You are one of the best speaker I have ever heard at a conference! To be honest, I fail to follow a whole conference. Today, however, I was amazed to be caught enjoying everything you said. Your experience, as well as your motivational advice, inspired me. Thank you.”

- Thomas Duverger
Wealth manager
Finance & Patrimoine

🎙 “Very passionate entrepreneur and speaker with hands on experience.”

- Carolyn Papaok
Internal Audit Manager TotalEnergies

30 Inspiring Women | 2022

Victoria was selected to be in the top 30 Inspiring Women in Africa, 2022. Across different industries, these women were to speak on this year’s IWD 2022 theme #BreakingTheBias. And also to share how they are Standing Out and Standing Up.

Past conferences

In Europe or in Africa, Victoria shared her expertise and inspired leaders of several organisations.

Past conferences

▪️ Entrepreneurship opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism in Africa | June 2022, Kigali, RWANDA

▪️ Triumph Through Change | March 2022, @ISG Bordeaux, FRANCE

▪️ Jobs that will revolutionize the Hospitality industry ? | January 2022, @VATEL Bordeaux, FRANCE

▪️ Hazards in Rental Tourism | November 2021, @Short Stay Week Congress, EUROPE

▪️ How Sport helped me in Business, during the pandemic | June 2021, @Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast, UNITED KINGDOM


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Audio-visual needs

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