Me. Just me.

Life is an adventure. Make it fun.

If you’re new here, my name is Victoria. If you’re returning, thank you for making your way back! Either way, I’m so happy you are here!
A little about me...
I’m 30 something. 🤪
I’m a bank manager. 🏦
I’m a lover of travel. 🧳
(I prefer traveling by plane. ✈️ I hate driving. 🚘 )
And...My favorite past time is planning! 📆

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I feel like I missed my calling as a professional planner! I thoroughly enjoy everything that goes into organizing and planning events. (From making alll the lists to scheduling allll the things!)
Since I missed my calling, I am content with planning my personal life in my Erin Condren planning system!
I have used Erin Condren for 5 years now, and I absolutely love their diverse planning systems! They have something for everyone! I fell in love with the brand, their quality, and their customer service! So much so, I became an affiliate for them, and I thoroughly enjoy it!
I would absolutely LOVE if you came along on the ride of my life enjoying and shopping all things planners and organization.
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Social Media

Oh the joys of social media...
There can be positives and negatives to being on social media, BUT let’s focus on ALL the POSITIVE things!
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My Facebook group is a very interactive group between members! It is an open platform to ask questions about all things Erin Condren, a place to share your thoughts, and a place to share you planner love! In my Facebook group, I love to share with the members, all upcoming sales, launches, and collaborations! So join in on the fun we are having!
My YouTube is a growing platform where I love to show off fabulous products.
My Instagram is my FUN platform. I love sharing all the fun things about life, as well as my planner!🤪

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