My name is Vida Samuel, I am a product designer and a realtor. I like to describe myself as a realistic optimist. I am an intentional being who believes in God.

My Top Picks

✨V’s recommendations✨

You’ll love it here💕

God’s word❤️

This is my go-to podcast when I feel lost or pressured. It’s so calming and very educative. If you love listening to God’s word then I highly recommend this.

my favorite album

If you are an emotional person like me then this album is for you🙂 p.s: I won’t be responsible for whatever feelings you get when you listen to this album🫣💕

A list of my favorite series/movies

1. Game of thrones(GOT) - I’m sorry but i can’t take you serious if you haven’t seen this.😭
2. Merlin - I can’t count the number of times I have binge watched this series, it’s just too good.
3. How to get away with murder(HTGAWM) - This show made me mad at myself for switching from studying law to political science. A very educative show, highly recommended.
4. Henry Danger - Now, this is my comfort show, It’s so funny and never gets old.
5. The men’s club(TMC) - My favorite Nollywood series, love it so much.
6. Castle&Castle - Another series that made me regret not studying law, love it so much and it’s a Nollywood series.

Fire 🔥 and Ice🧊  —

Currently saying yes to new adventures