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Basic Line Arts

3D Heart Art

You make my heart flutter.

This Artwork is inspired by the shape of a "purple heart" which symbolizes love. The lines give a big help in order to have the viewpoint 3D, and the proper shading is one of the process to make it real. The glitch effect of the photo also helps the artwork to become more attractive.

The Loneliest Whale

Someday, you will be heard.

This Artwork is inspired in the BTS song "Whalien 52", it is about the loneliest whale hoping that someday, someone will hear him. This artwork will remind you the BTS song and its meaning will give a big impact and will cheer you up.

The Hatred Love

Its either he will stay or he will left.

This Artwork is about the season of love, sometimes the person we love the most has no assurance if he will stay, or someday, he will leave you. Love is scary.

Magic Shop

So show me, I'll show you. -BTS

This Artwork is inspired in the BTS song "Magic Shop", this Artwork at the same time Song reminds that they are always there for you, that someone is always there for you. It also tackles of loving yourself as how you love your Idols.

Random Shapes

So Full of Shapes is Fancy. By: William Shakespeare

Heart Plant

How's your quarantine

This quarantine taught me a lot of lessons and realization in life. I always help my parents doing household chores. Watching k-dramas, attending online classes, eating and treasuring golden time. I also stan the korean boy group BTS that changes my mindset and always there to cheer me up. Life is full of unpredictable events, live in present time. Live your life to the fullest and always pursue happiness.