Black lives matter?

How did George Floyd's death impact our society?

Most of us already know whats going on in the US. 7 days ago a black man was killed by a policeman. George Floyd was a victim of a police violence. He actively emphasized, that he can not breathe, yet the policeman kept standing on his neck, pushing him to the ground. That means the policeman knew what was going on so it wasn't just an accident. He chocked him.
Many people documeted the whole situation and shared it on social media. And this is the point, that got me write this article.
People started sharing George's story, blank black pictures with #blacklivesmatter, quotes, messages and more. Only few days after, the internet was full of angry people, demanding justice. The wave of protests in America led to looting and destruction of shops. Many people were arrested, injured and few even died. And this led to even more protests and looting and arresting.
And now, my question is: Why did Floyd's case get so much attention?
There were many cases of police vionelce and racial injustice before, so why is this case such a big thing. You may be thinking: ,,Well, it is a big thing, because a black person was killed by a policeman.". Yes, but it happened so many times before. Do you remember when Eric Garner was killed exactly the same way? Probably not. And do you know why? Because times were different.
Today's social structe is very dissimilar to what it looked like 10 years ago. Young generations are more aware of racial, gender, orientation and age injustice. Simlified: we are more liberal. And on one hand, its great! People are more equal to one another and and people, who were muted are finally getting to speak. But on the other hand, it is socialy unexceptable not to be 100% liberal. We have to watch our mouth very carefuly to be sure that everything we say is politicaly correct. And another con of this whole thing is that people are often pretending to be so generous and full of acceptance just to get some fame.
Example: Celebrity adopted 5 nigerian kids, famous singer fights for animal rights, an actress posted on Insagram, that she is donating blood... And its hard to believe, that they do this just because they want to help. Why would they post it on social medias, why would they give an interview about it, why would they share every generous thing they have ever done?
They want to be seen as "the good person". You're going to see their song in recommended on YouTube and you're gonna be like: ,,Oh, thats the singer, who gave $1000 to charity, thats cool. I want to support her"... And *click*, anothet dollar into their pocket. Thats what most of them care about. Thats why I have problem with this.

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