One decision could change your life forever!

Hi beautiful! So glad that you’re here!

My name is Victoria and I am a 33-year-old single mom from Long Island, New York. I love everything beauty, fashion and have a passion for music.

When I first started Monat, there were so many things that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to ensure financial stability for my family , afford college for my son in the future, to be able to travel and purchase our first home. I also yearned to be involved in a community and find true friendships with other women with similar mindsets.  Monat turned these dreams into reality!

When I’m not rocking my Monat business, I am a full time HR Professional with a National PEO.

If your here cause you’re curious about this business opportunity, I can tell you that you can create any life you want with this business if you believe in yourself and work hard. Anything is achievable if you have the right mindset to go after your dreams and Id love to help you do that with Monat. Fill out the application linked under Influencer Application and let’s talk about how we can work together to build your success and help achieve your dreams.

If you were here to learn more about the amazing hair, skincare and wellness products Monat offers, I’d love to talk more about your needs. Please complete the hair and/or skincare quiz linked on my site and I can help recommend the best Monat products for YOU!