Viktor Filipovski


- Viktor is a professional jazz drummer and educator based in Skopje, North Macedonia. He is one of the most hired drummer in Macedonia, touring and recording with the finest artist, groups and bands from the Balkan Region.
-In his 10 years of professional experience, he was a part of more than 30 albums and other studio releases as a session musician or member of a group, and also he is author and arranger of 4 albums.
-He was fortunate enough to play at some of the most famous Jazz Festivals and Jazz Clubs, such as: Java Jazz Festival, Jarasum Jazz Festival, Porgy and Bess, Budapest Jazz Club etc...
- In 2017 he received the award "Golden Oryx"  Best Young Jazz Musician in Macedonia - by Qatar Airways and Skopje Jazz Festival.
- 2018 till present - Drum teacher at UGD "Goce Delchev" Music Academy, Jazz Department (Stip, Macedonia). He is teaching two courses, Jazz Drums and Jazz Ensemble.
- In 2020 he was honored to join the Best Balkan Jazz Fusion Group - Vasil Hadzimanov Band (Belgrade, Serbia).
- Author of the first drum sample pack in Macedonia, "Vic's Weird Drum Library Vol. 1" - Matracookie Records 2021.

Some of the most noticeable collaborations:
Don Menza, David Binney, Sigi Feigl, Theodosii Spasov, Elina Duni, Vasil Hadzimanov, Toni Kitanovski, Vladimir Cetkar, ZJM Big Band, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra,Martin Gjakonovski, Zvonimir Tot, Armend Xhaferi, Ilir Bajri, Dzijan Emin, Eduardo Raon etc...

Some of the most noticeable concerts:
*Java Jazz Festival - Jakarta, Indonesia 2018 - Vladimir Cetkar Sextet
*Jarasum Jazz Festival - Seoul, South Korea 2017 - Vladimir Cetkar Sextet
*Seoul Jazz Festival - Seoul, South Korea 2017 - Vladimir Cetkar Sextet
*Beijing Contemporary Dance Festival - Beijing, China 2019 - Author and performer of music for contemporary dance, Skopje Dance Theatre
*Rochella Jazz Festival - Ionica, Reggio Calabria - Italy 2019 - Saso Popovski Trio
*Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, special guest drummer 2018,2019,2020
*Skopje Jazz Festival 2018: Panda 5/Toni Kitanovski & Friends -
*Skopje Jazz Festival 2020 - Saso Popovski Trio
*Nisville Jazz Festival 2017 - Toni Kitanovski
*Tirana Jazz Festival 2020 - Armend Xhaferi
*Prishtina Jazz Festival 2018 - Bopers
*Kragujevac Jazz Festival 2020 - Vasil Hadzimanov Band
*Sofest - Sofia Bulgaria 2018 - Theodosii Spasov
*Peja Jazz Festival 2020 - Armend Xhaferi
*Sarajevo Jazz Festival 2017,2018 - host of the Official Jam Session of the Festival
*Dubrovnik Jazz Outbreak Festival - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Bopers
*ZJM Big Band - Don Menza and ZJM 2018
*ZJM Big Band - NYou Jazz Festival, Tirana Albania. 2019
*Liburnia Film Festival - Toni Kitanovski & Cherkezi Orch. 2017
*Budapest Jazz Club - Saso Popovski Trio 2019
*Kumanovo Jazz Festival 2018,2020 Fierce and Vladimir Cetkar
*Prilep Jazz Festival 2017,2018,2019,2020
*JFF Jazz Factory Festival 2018,2019,2020
*Skopje Drum Talks 2020 - First Drum Festival in Macedonia
*Petrovac Jazz Festival 2018,2019
*Valjevo Jazz Festival 2020
*Jazz Festival Tetovo 2020 and many more...

Author of 4 albums:
Pyongyangs "Ne Puknaa Vise"
D. S. H "Intermition"
Fierce "Opak"
Ajdared "Jabolko"

Author of music for Contemporary Dance/Theatre/Short Movie:
*”Home” Adrijana Dancevska (short movie)
*”Уништување на народот или мојата јетра е бесмилена” Damjan Kostovski (theatre)
*”Existence” од Risima Risimkin (contemporary dance)