Winnie Vilakazi —

“Women need more than embrace”

Winnie Vilakazi is a model, an upcoming entrepreneur , a mentor and an ally to women who come from the parts of society that need change. The parts that are denied access to resources that are essential to anyone trying to breakout of toxic environments . I am a person trying to use the modelling industry to bring change to the girl like me.

Coming from a poverty struck community I was always left wondering and in search of opportunities which were at the doorstep of the people who come from the more fortunate communities. I’d watch TV and listen to a lot of people advocate for improving the lives of the less fortunate and would see none of these being done for the girl like me.

We cannot talk about women empowerment and forget to consider the economic class of the women that we claim to consider!

My desire is to advocate for those who can’t women suffer the most injustices in our society and yet no structure is put in place to assist them.

“Change is brought by the affected “

I advocate for access and awareness to entrepreneurship for women in communities that are denied such access

Connect with me phone: 0812640602 Insta: winnie_vilakazi