Ce’Nedra (owner) Laine (operator)

Vine Creations

Vine Creations is a small Alberta based company that uses only the finest of Canadian products.

Candles & wax melts are 100% soy wax, made with fragrances that are phthalate free, paraben, toxin free & Completely Vegan!

Body soaps are pure goat milk with body safe fragrance oils that are phthalate free, paraben free, toxin free & kosher certified.

Bath soaks are made with healthy Epson salts mixed with different body safe fragrance oils & decorative petals.

We offer scents of the month & custom made orders!

Keep an eye out for more to come!

Ce’Nedra & Laine

Introducing Us

Laine and I have been together since 2019… in 2020 we decided we wanted to expand ourselves into more, adopting our 2 boys, kenai & Kai! Throughout so much love and daily inspiration, I decided to start making candles & soaps… originally just for my own pleasure.. overtime I wanted more. Laine inspires me everyday to want more & do more. Recently I have decided to take the leap! I wanted to make a small business out of locally made Canadian products. But I knew I couldn’t do it alone! Therefore, here is vine creations! Follow us to keep up with our crazy journey & regular updates!

& More

Vine Creations

With the help of my aunt, we offer additional hand made items!

Current offers include:
Blankets & Infant Blankets
Soap Savers
Washable Loofas
Dish Cloths
Dish Scrubbies