About me

Owner of Vintage Wonders

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Birgit and I'm 20 years old. I'm from the Netherlands and last year I started Vintage Wonders. I started painting prints on second hand denim jackets. Recently I started to make earrings from polymer clay. I love to create, and I hope you enjoy the creations I make! πŸ’—

The Purpose of Vintage Wonders

Why did I start Vintage Wonders?

In the end of 2019 I discovered that I love to thrift. Pre-loved fashion is in my eyes very beautiful, so I wanted to do something with it - so I started Vintage Wonders.

How did I discover to paint on clothes?

My friend and I wanted to try a Bob Ross tutorial on a denim jacket - iconic right -, I liked it so much that I decided to make more designs. After a few more I got very positive feedback from people and I wanted to continue it! That's how I discovered it.

Will there be a website?

I really hope so! Probably in the future, right now I'm still doing commission pieces to figure out how many people are interested in such a unique piece of clothing.
Right now you can DM me on Instagram for a customized piece of clothing.

You can also contact me via Email: vintagewonders2020@gmail.com

Painting on jackets or jeans?

I love painting on both, but I have painted more on jackets than jeans. But both are a option to paint on! I love to paint more jeans in the future. So if you want customized jeans - hit me up!

On what brand do you mostly paint?

Mostly Vintage Levi's, because they are very popular and I personally love Levi's. But if you don't have that much of a budget I can also paint on 'cheaper' brands.

All the jackets are second hand!

"Making pre-loved denim even more fun to wear."

Things you need to know about the jackets & earrings

β†’ Each design is only made once, so you can have your own unique item.

β†’ If you want to know if your design is possible for me to make you can DM me.

β†’ All the items are washable up to 30 degrees and only use hand wash. Don't put it in the dryer because the heat will cause damage.

β†’ Don't wash it too often, because that will also damage the paint.

β†’ Please note that sometimes the paint can crack if you wear it often, it is unpreventable.

β†’Each item is second hand so there is a possibility that there are stains or damages, but I will always search for the best quality.

About the earrings:
β†’ Each pair is hand made so sometimes there are teeny tiny flaws and they're never exact copies. It's impossible to make them identical.

The Funky Wildflower collection