Helping you grow your fanpage!

Just remember to believe in yourself

Hi if you didn’t know I’m @viralmeliozz I’m just a fanpage on TikTok and I’m here to help you out there to make a successful fanpage!
First of all
You should have a cute and simple name like
Let’s say your a zonut
Make it :pembstudioz
I will give username ideas later but you can use that if you want
Anyways follow my tt!
Secound always have a good coloring I will recommend the aesthetic teal coloring it gives actives
Third never ever be mean and if you are apologize immediately or you will start losing instead of gaining!
Fourth of all never put too much things on a post it will look like your over the top and you wanna be simple
These are just the basics keep reading for more info

Need help choosing a user name? I can help!

Pearlchaddi Sunkinship Addimelio Comfychaddison Glowychaddiz Chqddi Chavani: Chaichavoni Bunnychavani B3bkin Babychavani Chase: Darkchase Chaichase Hvddychase Chqsehuddy Bighuddy Babyhuddy Lilhudson

How to gain

Only show love

To gain followers you should pick a fanpage any fanpage and follow a bunch of their followers and since most of the fanpages follow back you should start gaining!
Never show hate because you should start losing I learned that the hard way....
Anyways never ever support these people
Zoe Laverne love her fans but she groomed a minor,tony lopez don’t support him or his fans,ondreaz Lopez same thing as tony,peaches just do research about her,James Charles you can supporting you want and Trisha Paytas she’s a cloutchaser
Always respect others opinions
And be kind!

Coloring and theme!!!

Ilysm don’t let the hate get to you

Being a fanpage means dealing with hate but you have to be strong and deal with it but as you know you have to be aesthetic the best two colorings are the cafe coloring and the strong aesthetic coloring
I do the aesthetic but doesn’t mean you can’t do the cafe or the aesthetic too!
Let me show you how to do the aesthetic one first
Aesthetic coloring tut:
Apps: ultralight,Vont,Colourtone and prequel!
1- go to ultra light select the video and click edit then the triangle put clarity +10 and sharpen to -10
And save it
2- go to prequel and put teal and a jest the filter 100%
3- put diamond and put it to 0 everything except filter to 100%
4- click adjust and put exposure to 25
Now put contrast to 6
Now put highlights to 32
Now put shadows to 100
Now put haze and glow to 25
Now put aberration to 50
And put blur to 50-100
And save💕
5-put the video you just saved in prequel again and put teal if you want and go and find weather and but the filter on weather to 0
And save
6- go to colourtone and put coogee on the video and save it and do that one more time
7- put the video in vont and download this font “hug me tight” and “shorelines bold” for the water mark do this with shorelines bold (yourusername) and for the question put this with hug me tight - example question?🤍🐮🖇-
And your done
Cafe theme tutorial:
Apps needed : vont,24FPS and prequel
1- put your video in 24FPS and use the pollarr qr I put on the cafe theme save the video
2- put the video in prequel and put dust and filter to 25
And save
Now download shorelines bold and rainy hearts you know how to do it I told you in the aesthetic tut but don’t put the emojis
And your done
Now it’s time to see the likes and follows rising!

Dont be toxic be kind


In order to not lose we mustn’t be toxic that why people hate on us since the fanpage community is toxic so many people that leave lose respect for us and people who never joined have no respect
My friend lest say her name is candice ive know her since 2nd grade and she was an addison fp and ever since she left the community shes been getting hate its sad i was about to lose my mind on us its getting out of hand ive seen dunkins sending people who hate on charli death threats i would i always go and apologize to the people for the hate i used to be those types of dunkins but i learned what was wrong please if your reading this learn from my mistakes!
I love you!🐬🌸🍀