About Us

We are a registered Virtual Assistant business providing general administrative and academic support services to business owners, professionals, academics, and graduates.

At VirB, we pride ourselves in our ability to understand our clients' business needs and provide efficient and effective solutions to relieve them of the workload that has left them stagnant.

We aim to contribute to business owners' and professionals' ability to achieve a work-life balance and enhance productivity by reducing the administrative pressures involved with running a company.

Our goal for students and recent graduates is to help them maintain their mental health by alleviating some of the tension associated with academic workload and assisting them in securing their next academic pursuits.

So why hire us?

•We pledge to provide quality work and value for money.
•VirB Virtual Assistant is timely and will prioritize your work regardless of how big or small to ensure you don't miss deadlines.
• We honor our promise to respect your privacy and keep your personal information strictly confidential.
•Our hallmark is exceptional customer service, which will set your mind at ease about outsourcing.

We would love to hear from you!

Schedule a free discovery call and tell us about yourself, your business or academic journey, and how we can make your life a tad easier.

We've got a Freebie for you!!!

Dear business owner, here are some tools to help streamline your business's administrative processes.
We hope you find them useful.

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