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HEEEEEEYYYYY GUYYYSSS! I’m Imani. Realtor by day, social media influencer by mid-day and bottle servicer by night. I am 21 year old Aries ♈️ (4/16) living in Atlanta,GA. The lime light of my life is being consistently hungry to reach new heights.I live to improve my life and the peoples’ around me. Working endlessly to watch this hard work pay off.
I have been using/working monat for about 5 months now and I am truly impressed. The strength of my hair is restored and the overall health of my hair is night and day. The fact that I am growing my hair and making money at the same time is life changing. To be kept updated on my personal hair journey follow me!
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What is Monat ?

Money Making Monat 💰

Monat is an all natural hair and skin product company that has been around for over 5 years. Our chemist specialize in creating effective solutions to common problems. I would say 9/10 of us have issues with our skin and /or hair. Although we don’t all use the same remedies
,a lot of products on the market are contained of harmful chemicals such as phenoxyethanol and sulfate that are letting us down.

Monat is proud to be:
☣️paraben free
🐇 animal-cruelty free

How to make money through your phone

You’re going to want to read this

💁🏽‍♀️As a market partner for Monat. Your duty is to use our products, watch you flourish and make sales because of it.
This is a commission based salary so the more you sell,the more you make! Monat also gives you an opportunity to make bonuses and win prizes for helping expand our team by recruiting self motivated people alike.
We get paid 5 times a month! A check every Friday and bonus checks on the 15th.🙏🏾😍
If you are new to social media branding do not fret!! Myself and my up lines are here to assist you in post, processes and procedures through 1 out of our many group chats or video chats.

I’m ready

To start you need to get a set of products for yourself .we want you to LOVE the products your promoting- we have a $199 set that includes 6 full size items,a pouch and a sack load of samples for potential customers.
You have 30 days to test out if this is something you want to stick with or not. In return for our products used or unused we will issue a refund.

1. You join, hate it, get a full refund in your first 30 days and be back exactly where you are right now
2. You join, do well but decide it’s not for you, keep any of the money you make and get a full refund so you’re actually leaving with a profit
3. You don’t wanna do the biz but you get 30% off the products and just buy them on your own whenever you need them
4.You join, absolutely love it, and create an incredible income for yourself working from your phone!

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