About Me

Hi! Warm welcome from the Virgo Priestess! My name is Rich, 23. I’m a hotelier by profession but I’m also a medium and full time tarot - oracle reader from the Philippines.

I’ve been doing readings for a quite decent time now. I'm here to offer guidance and help you on your path as you seek spiritual answers. I cannot control what information will be imparted or who will come thru in your reading, but I do know that whatever transpires, will be spiritually healing. I am just the medium that bridges the gap. I believe we have our own answers but sometimes we can't hear them; or we discount what we feel.

My job is to help you decipher your truths from your fears and provide some clarity on your life situations. My readings encompass present, past and future life situations! Your reading will be specifically about you and whatever your needs are at the time.

My readings are all in written form and sent via email. All details you need to know about booking a reading are on the link attached.

I’m so grateful that you’ll allow me to tap into your energy and help you in your healing journey. Feel free to look thru and enjoy!

Love, light & brightest blessings! ♡︎

Below are some of the affirmations that I personally love that might help you too.

Morning Affirmations

♡ I am an earth angel
♡ today is going to be a great and fulfilling day
♡ I am beautiful, strong and powerful
♡ I am grateful for all that I have, all that I am and all that is
♡ good things will flow into my life today
♡ today I will attract success, abundance and wellbeing
♡ I do not compare myself to others
♡ wonderful things will happen to me today
♡ every day I discover interesting and exciting new paths to pursue
♡ I am grateful that my life is so happy and successful
♡ I have the courage to create positive change in my life
♡I am valuable and will make powerful contributions to the world today
♡ I am happy and free because I am me
♡ I have great ideas and make great contributions
♡ today, I аbаndоn mу оld hаbіtѕ аnd take up nеw, mоrе роѕіtіvе оnеѕ
♡ I am happy and satisfied with my life
♡ today amazing things will happen!
♡ I am abundant in all that I speak & do
♡My needs are met daily
♡I am the co-creator of my vision
♡I align with what is mine gracefully & with ease
♡I am highly protected by the higher power

Money Affirmations

• A storm of money is coming my way
• Money flows to me like water
• I surprisingly always receive money
• I am connected to the universal supply of money
• Money is attracted to me
• Money follows me everywhere I go
• Money knows my name
• Success is attracted to me
• Success follows me everywhere I go
• All my debt will be removed & paid
• All my financial worries will be gone.
• I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me easily and in large amounts.
• Money comes to me faster than I come to spend it

Love Affirmations

♡ I am worthy of love and deserve to receive love in abundance.
♡ I love myself and those around me.
♡ I attract loving and caring people into my life.
♡ I attract healthy, loving relationships.
♡ I completely open my heart up to love and understand that i truly deserve love.
♡ I trust the universe that it will bring me relationships that are positive, fulfilling and meaningful.
♡ my thoughts about love are positive.
♡ I am a magnet for positive relationships.
♡ I deserve to get the love i recieve and i open myself up to receiving love.
♡ I am full of love, happiness and awe for the world, myself and those around me.

These are some of the prayers that I say and works best with. I hope this helps you too! ♡︎

Protection Prayer

I rebuke any kind of evil intent & evil eye sent to me, and it shall not prosper in any kind of way with my path and journey. Return to sender 10x!

Banishing Invocation

I banish all negative energies, known & unknown from my being & surroundings. All negative ill intentions & wishes cast upon me through words, actions, energy, I banish, remove, cleanse and release them by the power of Gods will.

I forbid negative entities near me and my loved ones and cast them away from my sight and auric field and place of dwelling. I ask Divine Spirit, my guides and my ancestors to please protect me from these beings.

Judge them, if possible, clear them or else offer them consignment to that part of the universe most suitable for them.

And so it is.

Night Prayer

Lord, please watch over my love one as they / he / she sleep now. Thank you that you care for them/ she/ him, and that you hold them/ her/ him close to your heart.
I give you all their anxieties and the things that trouble him. May he know your peace that passes all understanding. Please bless him now with sound sleep for his mind and deep rest for his body.

I ask all this in the beautiful name of Jesus.

Prayer When You Feel Down


Thank you for always comforting me when I sometimes can’t catch a break. You always find a way to remind me that things are temporary & I will make it through whatever storm with You by my side. May I keep praising you & not lose sight of the breakthrough that’s coming.