Hi! I’m Danae, I’m originally from Maryland now living in upstate New York with my high school sweetheart husband and beautiful daughter.

I worked in child care for a couple years taking care of children and completing admin takes as well. I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life and couldn’t really find my purpose. I was convinced I had to go to college for 4 years, put myself deep in debt, and work 40+ hours a week in order to live a stable life. Boy was I wrong! There are is many different ways you can make a living while doing what you love online. I came across virtual assisting and social media management and fell in love with work. I knew I finally found something I want to do with the rest of my life. Not only do I feel completely satisfied professionally, but I’m able to live the life I want free from a 9-5 that only allows 2 weeks vacation per year. So I am proud to say I am able to stay home with my 1 year old, go to school for business, and make a great living!

Now that you know a little about me, I want to know a little about you! How often are you bringing home your work? How many nights a week are you staying up late to complete tasks? What would your life look like if you could get back some of the time? Now the last question I have is, are you ready to let go a little and except the help you now you deserve?

Once you’ve answered those questions the only left for you to do is set up a free discovery call. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible knowing that there is someone in your corner that wants to get to know you and help you and your business thrive. Setting up a discovery call allows use to see if we connect, and for you to release some tasks off your shoulders! Let me be the reason you get to go to sleep stress free:)

My Services

Virtual Assistant Tasks

A Virtual Assistant is someone who helps with the day to day tasks that are taking away from your life and job. These tasks can range from calendar management to vacation booking, to office supply ordering! Listed below are some of the tasks I offer.

Calendar and email management

Set and confirm appointments

Travel coordination

Light presentation creation

LinkedIn research(leads, connections, jobs, employees)

Personal errands(purchases, reservations, medical appointments, set up automatic payments, personal calendar management)

Take notes, light research

My Services

Social Media Managmamt Tasks

On top of running a business, juggling your personal life, and making time for yourself running multiple social media accounts takes even more from an already short day. A social media manager does all the behind the scene work that helps grow your account, this includes analytics, engagement, and post scheduling.

Platform Creation

Post Scheduling and posting

Grafic Design


Insight Research

Group Management

Hashtag Research

Competitor Research

Content Ideas

DM Management

Follower Interaction

Viewer Recommenced Research