a lil taste of some music I be having on repeat l8ly I'll probably continue to update this <3

Geoffrey pairis

girlfriend avril Lavigne

fly leaf I'm so sick

medic Droid fer sure

botdf bewitched Nightcore

björk army of me

bright eyes lover I don't have to love

from first to last emily

sorority noise no halo

alsana the thespian

pierce the veil bulletproof love

born to die choking victim

scream until your coughing up blood

angelspit 100%

s3rl rave boy

Mars argo beauty is empty

no 1 else ArawrA

spill yr gutz ArawrA

strawberry switchblade go away

blue the birthday massacre

lucky day black diamond

sepultura born stubborn

sepultura roots bloody roots

when I am queen jack off jill

in my grave choking victim

early sunsets over Monroeville mcr

Lebanon Hanover I have a crack

mother's little helper rolling stones

the center of the world bright eyes

the love cats the cure

jumping someone else's train the cure

won't fall in love today

the word alive trapped

black damask miw

today I saw the whole world ptv

the final episode asking Alexandria

jack off jill Kringle

Deftones lotion

literal legend

avril Lavigne what the hell

no guillotine no crown angel spit

hole Jennifer's body

crying in the ub broken hearts on the dancefloor

Charli xcx claws

s3rl game boy

millionaires catch me if you can

louis Vuitton body bag

if I'm James Dean your Audrey Hepburn

stars are blind Paris Hilton

no doubt ex girlfriend

Ferrari Alice gas

I was once perhaps maybe possibly a cowboy king

baby you wouldn't last a minute on the creek chiodos