hey I’m Maham!

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Does it feel as if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your personal life AND your business? Are you ready to outsource so you can increase your productivity while also maintaining your mental health?🌿

I’m Maham, I’m a virtual assistant and I’m here to help small businesses streamline their work and take pressure off their busy workload🌱

If you are ready to take that next step and outsource so you can prevent yourself from burning out, book a free discovery call with me below! 🌿

My Services

What I offer as a Virtual Assistant


- Content Scheduling

🌱 I can manage your social media accounts on all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, tiktok etc.
🌱Create schedules for the content you want to share with your audience and create unique content

- Graphic Design

🌱 I can create easy and simple graphics for your social media accounts to match your feed
🌱I can work with you to find the aesthetic you would like to match your social media accounts and design graphics that would match your dream aesthetic


- Calendar Management

🌱 I can organize your calendar and schedule appointments and meetings according to your timetable so all you have to worry about it is attending them

- Email Management and Marketing

🌱 I can organize and manage your inbox to keep everything in order and direct important emails to you.
🌱 Create sign up forms, email blasts, and newsletters.

- Client Management

🌱 Keep track of your clients and manage your work list to organize their needs to simplify your schedule

❗️More needs for your business that are not listed above? We can work together to find out❗️