we are all fractals of the same light

i have been longing to make a platform. for creation. for information. for wisdom. for spreading endless amounts of love and light. i have finally found my outlet, and it feels absolutely incredible .

i have been on a continuous healing journey for the past few years.
i’ve traveled through different dimensions, learned things i never thought i would, wandered through celestial places, reached immaculate goals, met so many ethereal beings, danced into so many realms, walked amongst the clouds, connected with my spiritual side, tapped into my inner consciousness, and eventually found a side of myself i never even knew existed.

i decided to make a page where many like minded individuals could find some inner peace and guidance through their own processes. i hope you find some information or knowledge that resonates well with your soul.

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lately i have been thriving off the goddess like energies the planet has been giving off.
i have been thriving off such sacred & authentic relationships.
and i have been finally understanding and appreciating self acceptance.
every single day, something new inspires me - to create, to express, to better myself.
i continue to dream and ponder on ways to share my light with as many beings as possible, which is why i have created this magical wonderland.

we are all infinite. we are all full of so much power, love, opportunity, and an abundance of light. take in the beauty of every sacred moment. this human experience and sacred temple are such precious miracles, never take them for granted.

continue to explore your daydreams as well as your nighttime fantasies. become more and more of your truest self. continue to search for the things you’ve been longing to reach. enjoy each experience every single day has to offer. even though the times are tough, i promise you, there are still so many reasons to keep going.

cheers to life.
cheers to the beautiful bodies we all inhabit. cheers to the future and everything bound to happen.
cheers to all the magnificent memories.
cheers to falling in love.
cheers to moving on from things that prevent you from progressing.
cheers to feeling and being alive.
and cheers to freedom.

if you feel free - you ARE free.

the kaleidoscopes behind your eyes will never stop turning. possibilities are endless.

dear younger self...

every single day i wish there were things i could’ve reminded my younger self.

i wish she knew that one day i would have an abundant amount of love and forgiveness for her.

i wish she knew that little belly she had, would be such a sacred part of her vessel, that she would slowly learn to fall in love with and appreciate.

i wish she wasn’t embarrassed to show her true colors. i wish she wasn’t embarrassed to wear what she wanted to school. trends are absolutely bogus, being unique is such a gift.

i wish she knew that she didn’t need to straighten or curl her hair everyday, messy hair is just as pure. i wish she recognized her natural beauty without having to layer on pounds and pounds of makeup.

i wish she knew that the amount of body hair she had, didn’t define her beauty. i wish she understood that beauty is from within.

i wish she was comfortable enough in her own skin. i wish she was able to look in the mirror and smile. i wish she was able to dance & sing around her room and appreciate the sacred temple she was gifted with.

i wish she didn’t seek approval from others. i wish she didn’t use other individuals as a measure of self worth. i wish that she had the confidence and didn’t turn to media for unhealthy representations of what a “woman” should look like.

i wish all the tears she shed over meaningless things could all be taken back. i wish she realized that such minimal issues don’t define who she is or the path that she’s on.

i wish that she didn’t let such negative individuals get to her. i wish she allowed all the hatred and bullshit fly right over her shoulders.

i sit here in my room.. with candles lit, lounging in the most divine clothing, pondering on my younger years..
pondering on what it would’ve been like if i had a different perspective. a different perspective on the universe, the people and energies that surrounded me.. a different perspective on myself.
i have grown to appreciate the vessel i inhabit more than i ever thought i would. i have grown to learn from my mistakes. i have grown to forgive. i have grown to be grateful for each and every thing that enters and exits my life. i am nowhere near where i will end up, but the journey is all i’m focused on. the journey full of love, opportunity, and an abundance of light.

philosophical entities

these videos have provided me with wisdom, hope, and so much knowledge. these philosophers and artists have spread so much love and light into this community. take what you will from these.

how our perceptions creates our reality - alan watts

being honest about our feelings - alan watts

sacred in the everyday - ram dass

how art evolves consciousness - alex grey

angels - alex grey

creating chaos - allyson grey

positive creations documentary - chris dyer

opening the doors of creativity - terence mckenna

mushrooms , evolution , and the millennium - terence mckenna

integral spirituality - ken wilber

chakra healing


below i’ve linked some guided meditations for each one of your chakras.

crown : seventh chakra, located at the top of your head. the development of the crown chakra leads to transformation, enlightenment, and self realization. you’ll develop fulfillment and peace with your spirituality and consciousness.

third eye : sixth chakra, located in the center of your forehead. this is your spiritual portal, full of awareness and light. this chakra will help you obtain knowledge and enhance visualization abilities.

throat : fifth chakra, located at the center of your neck. this represents effective and vocal communication skills. a balanced throat chakra will enable clear thoughts, clear speech, as well as creativity.

heart : fourth chakra, located in the chest area. representing love, affection, and care. a ethereal bridge between the body and mind. your home for spirit and admiration.

solar plexus : third chakra, located in the stomach area. rules your personal identity and self esteem levels. guides you in transformative periods. this chakra will continue to provide your body with energy.

sacral : second chakra, located below the navel. center of emotional intelligence, imagination, sexuality, and creativity. allows you to see certain intimacies as a form of communication.

root : first chakra, located at the base of the spine. represents comfort, grounding, and stability. foundation of your entire chakra ladder.

crown chakra meditation

third eye chakra meditation

throat chakra meditation

heart chakra meditation

solar plexus chakra meditation

sacral chakra meditation

root chakra meditation

it is so important to remember why you started. it is so important to remember why you are investing time, energy, and effort in the dreams that you are working towards. it is SO important to remember your vision.

if you get caught up in the burdens.. what you love can seem to turn into something that’s holding you down. remember - that is your perception. continue to focus on what your heart is telling you. focus on the way it pulls you towards certain places/people/activities. focus on what energies you are attracted to. focus on the individuals that help guide you through your process. don’t be afraid to drop some of the pressure. don’t be afraid to let go of things that aren’t serving your highest good.

you don’t have to know everything about how things will work out for you. you don’t have to have everything figured out. you don’t HAVE to have anything figured out. all you need to do.. is know the direction you’re going in. let the universe figure out the details, it will not disappoint you if you let it work it’s magic. keep your passion alive. see how fortunate you are to be going in the direction of your soul. to be building a life that you love. to be surrounding yourself with what makes you feel alive. to be able to see how much closer you are to what you want.

you have the ability to do anything you want. you have the ability to reach anything. you have the ability to live your life to the absolute fullest with zero limitations. when you feel trapped, lost, or hopeless - remind yourself of these things. you are a powerhouse. and are filled with so much light and opportunity.

keep going. focus. visualize. balance.

you are on the right track.


i am light. i am love.

today i’m here to talk about affirmations.

affirmations are often used to reprogram the mind. they encourage us to believe the words that are being transmitted into our consciousness. affirmations relate alongside with manifestations, the more you affirm - the more relief and abundance will come to you. affirmations can be said out loud, can be written, can be typed, etc. the most effective way to process your affirmations is releasing them in first person (using i, i am, etc.) identity statements are ethereal motivators for self and mental clarity.

below are some of the affirmations i repeat to myself throughout the day, every night/morning during my yoga and meditation routines, and whenever i feel myself having any sort of doubts.


i deserve an abundance of happiness, peace, and love.

i have the ability to easily transmute darkness into light.

i am the co-creator of my surroundings and there are not limits to what i am able to achieve.

negativity doesn’t serve my higher good and i will not limit my dreams; i will have what is meant for me.

i hold every answer that i seek. i release ego-driven thoughts that negatively interfere with my behavior.

i am aligned with my purpose and radiate love that releases through the world, effectively healing those who struggle to ascend low frequencies.

i am a powerhouse of light & radiant energy and worthy of the life that i desire.

i forgive myself for ever thinking otherwise and will continue to manifest extraordinary opportunities. everything comes to me with ease.

i am divinely supported and guided. i am always open to receive.


grand winter solstice and great conjunction.

this period of time is the universes way of offering us activation, transformation, and realignment.
allowing us to transform and blossom into who we have always been seeded to become. the portals & dimensions during this period of time are so utterly thin. this allows us as humans to be more connected with the earth’s energies and harmonic frequencies.

this planetary alignment will provide an abundance of light to our skies. it will allow us to break free from old habits and any negative blockages that have been preventing us from reaching what we desire.

transmute the dark into the light. a light that contains ethereal life force energy.
our vibrational frequency resonates to the fullest when we are faithful in our process. use this shift of elements to benefit your own spiritual and mental growth. connect your consciousness to your imagination & use nature’s elements as a guide.

the divine messages and synchronicities you have been receiving up until this point are not coincidences, they have been appearing to let you know the path you’re on is the right one. the balance taking place within the earth right now will fuel your path. take some time to focus on your divine relationship with yourself.

your are a star. seeded on this planet.
you have a soul and a sole purpose.
your truest vibration will soon be activated.


sacred feminine energy

she is full of life.
full of power and light.
she patiently observes, but takes notes.
she is purity and divine knowing.

finding her own path through love.
feeling freedom from within.

the vessel that embodies this energy is able to attract anything she desires.. knowing that it’s pure energy from co-creation and manifestation.

by being a part of this energy - this energy of relaxation, allowing, giving, receiving ... she has made room for rejuvenation. she has made room to manifest an abundant amount of love into her life.

she will continue to allow her intuition to guide her to her own individual cosmic truth. continuing to reach into depths of her inner consciousness. continuing to allow her mind to connect the dots and reveal a celestial path that is meant for her.

maintain your light. maintain your gifts. maintain your studies. maintain your poise, grace, and everything else that makes you the absolute goddess you were put on this earth to be.


feminine embodiment can’t be reached immediately.
its an ethereal reward of inner self work.
its being in your body, moving your body and nourishing your body with healthy algorithms.
its becoming more connected to who you are, what you want, who you love,, and what you truly desire.

feminine energy will begin to shine through when you find a deep love for yourself.
a deep love for your body, soul, mind, and everything in between.

to be a woman is ever changing.
to be a woman is a gift.

i believe my soul and sole purpose on this planet is to help others. to help others heal, grow, and offer as much wisdom and knowledge as i possibly can. gift giving is my love language. there is nothing that fuels my aura more than seeing another vessel light up.

while writing all these inspirational and soul fed messages, i still struggle with my own journey and spiritual path. i still struggle with putting my emotions into words. i still struggle with getting in touch with certain parts of my mind and body.

i slowly but surely am learning day by day that my experiences are fuel for the person i am becoming. they are all part of the journey in knowing my true self. doubts & the unknown have kept me inside a mental cage for as long as i can remember. they often prevent me from reaching the highest potential energy & emotional states.

i’m learning and grasping the concept that i don’t need any outside influences to appreciate my worth. to appreciate my growth , to recognize i am nowhere near where i was yesterday, a year ago, three years ago...

i’m learning that i am my worst enemy. yet i am also my biggest supporter.
i’m learning to accept everything that comes into my life, all the energies, all the divine frequencies, all the experiences, all the beings.

i am forever grateful to be existing alongside each and every one of you. please don’t ever hesitate to reach out.
need advice?
a friend?
music suggestions?
i am always here for you.
we are all sacred mirrors of each other.
existing under one universal consciousness.
and in one way or another ... we are all interconnected.

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