About me

Melinda Rodrigues-Graphic Designer

Heyyy! I’m Melinda-

Graphic Designer, Illustrations, & a touch of photography- deep love for visual art creation!

details: 6 years of freelance design experience. Currently working towards my BFA in graphic design at Lesley University. I also studied visual design at Bunker Hill Community College.

story: i’ve always loved art + design- even when I didn’t know it! i discovered my passion for design while blogging. through content creation, i accidentally fell in love with graphic design. I have worked with companies and brands to create; social media content, custom brand illustrations, web design, layout design, re-brand design, and most recently I designed a t-shirt for my favorite female owned Latinx small business, you can see that here.

passions: not everyone sees the importance of great design, but for me design has so much to offer & so much power- i mean it’s literally everywhere! I love to create work that is inclusive and diverse, because representation is very important to me.

style: my personal style is bold & feminine. Elegance with a punch. Taking a risk- trying something new using something classic + simple. Most importantly -make it fun!

extra: i truly love all aspects of design. especially home design! i’m constantly redecorating & organizing my home. i’m a sucker for beautifully designed packaging/branding. i’m constantly on pinterest and other sites like behance studying new design trends and ideas. i also have a deep love for photography, taking photos has been a constant love affair of mine. photography definitely ties in design a lot- so i guess it only makes sense that i would love it as well.

bottom line: if you need a designer, get you one that really loves, understands, and respects the beautiful power great design possesses! (me)

My favorite thing about what I do is; giving visual life to someone’s dream. Helping people build their brands- it really is magical!

so let’s make dreams come true & make magic together!