About Me


Photography has become a hobby of mine. I bought my first DSLR camera and fell in love! I love taking road trips and the best way to document the beautiful places I visit is to capture them in a photograph. I haven’t put my camera down since, and now I feel so honored to share my memories with you!

Capture Moments

Photography is the beauty of life captured!

Pure Michigan

Below are just a few of my favorite places to go to here in Michigan! I will keep adding to my list as I visit more places.

Torch Lake

If you have never been to Torch Lake, let me tell you, You are missing out! Its so beautiful and the water is just crystal clear! Absolutely going back!

Grand Haven

If you love the beach, Grand Haven is the place to be! They have a variety of things going on throughout the summer like the famous Coast Guard Festival and Fireworks show.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Have you ridden a dune buggy before? If you haven’t, you need to! Aside from being such a fun experience you get to experience such beautiful views like this one!

Oval Beach

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful beach, Oval Beach was just that! It’s beautiful, somewhat hidden and so relaxing.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Wow, this one by far has been one of my favorites! I went for my very first time during the fall and it was just beautiful.