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A place to protect and exercise our God given Rights and Responsibilities as a whole.
I made this website so other oppressed countries can vote and have a voice without persecutions in their countries because of currupt Government's and Dictatorships.
All Votes ✔️are anonymous and so are the comments on the voting polls. This is a team effort to change Our World🌎and Our Home❤️🏡

We can always make a new World. But we can't make a new Earth we can only fix it.

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The Apple Queen 👑🍎💗🌏

Sincerely your Apple Queen🍎 please heavenly father bless our hands and our works 💞🌍🙏🏼💯

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In God We Trust

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Voice Of The Earth V.o.t.e✔️Earth

Take a stand with us we will make a difference 🌍🌎🌏🌠

We are asking for help to make new laws that benefits us As a whole and not the system. I'm leaving a link of the space constitution to make a difference we are the people by the people and the constitution was made to protect our rights to ensure this.

Remarkable Minds

Even though, this man was in a wheelchair, it never stopped him from making things happen. Let's make it happen anyway we can for each other together and put our minds together and pray ❤️🙏🏼 hard for each other. May our heavenly father bless our hands to make our home a better place as a whole with love and unity. May our Enemies become our Alies to bring peace, harmony, unity together.

About me 🍎👑

Who I am and how I got here.

I know most people don't know me so I want to introduce myself for everyone.
My name is Eva aka Apple Queen 🍎👑 I'm 38 living in a small town. I have two wonderful children that is growing up fast on me and my son already has💗 I don't work because I have few disability condition's that causes me pain everyday.
I filed out for disability, and represented myself for it even though I have clear evidence that I'm physically disabled.
I can't fake an MRI or a Catscan . I'm not going to lie the pain does mess with my mental state at times because of it.
So I went searching for a Lawyer or Attorney and I ran across Walter R. Hnots on YouTube and I liked his videos on how everything work on social security disability.
So after a few videos I saw he was doing a website for people to change laws and make new laws and rights. I thought it was the coolest thing to be honest
Because what he was talking about has been weighing heavy for a very long time. I'm concerned where our children and the place that we call home is going to be in the future because the present is not getting better.
I maybe in pain all the time but I can use my mind and find away to change it. It's kinda of an American Dream for me to make a change for the best an to see it happening in my life time and generations to come.
So I decided to call him about my case and we talked about it. He said he would take my case but wouldn't be until the next year because of COVID-19. I kinda knew that was happen anyway because of that.
He sent me the paperwork but I never filled them out because I feel they don't want to give it to me because of the backpay is so far back they consider me as an adult child for disability and they don't want to pay that kind of money out and I know they wouldn't be able to get to my case until then.
So I'm sorry Walter I never filled them out and sent them because I feel as it's a lost cause because of how they work.
An we talked about this too how they decide cases is not fair to people that are disabled especially physically. I would have to be on my death bed before they give it too me. I seen that happen a lot and this is why I love 💕 what you do for people.
I also love that you want to make change for us and I want to help make a change too 🤗🌍💗🙏🏼💯 I feel I have a better chance doing this instead and it's ok I'm living my Dream and that in it's self makes me happy 😁 I learned how to create websites just for this purpose. I hope everyone reading this likes how I designed it. But if I do ever decide for you to do my case Walter and we win I'll make sure we are going to make stuff happen 💯🌍💗 I really don't care about the money but I do care about people an our environment and it seems that's what most people care about is money.
I made this website free by milkshake and the social and messenger site with yocoo.org. it's like our own personal group Facebook but mine looks kooler 😁💗💯Everyone is welcome to use it. Just make a username and password
Its free and it works well. I want everyone to share this multi Link site as many people as possible 100,000 or more. So we can start an Earth vote petition signing it needs to be signed within 60 to 90 days to reach signatures to pass. 1k signatures are an automatic pass by default.
I want it to pass in one day if possible so I want to make it easy as possible for us to do this is why we are gathering people first.
We have to have a plan to fix it and all I can do is give you my mind and my time because trust me I have nothing better to do 💕 but I love what I'm trying to do and I pray 🙏🏼💗🌍 we succeed💯💚
I don't want to be a leader but I want to be a team player making a difference.
For me I view life differently so I'm going to let everyone know my mind and my perspective of our reality. The world as we call it is man's rules on Earth 🌍 not the Earth's rules and those two rules do not coincide with each other this is how the planet got this way. I feel like we are the Aliens and forgotten where we came from and it's Earth. We need to get back to those Roots and grow because this planet is dieing. Do you know they know more about space than they do in our ocean's. Out of all the planets they know about we are the only planet that flourishing with life to see this Earth 🌍 is so beautiful 🥰 and we don't even know it and this should speak Volumes considering space that they know about. We should truly appreciate it and take care of it as a garden because that's exactly what it is🌱🌳🌲🌴🌵🌻🌼🏵️🌸🌺🌷🌹
You don't see this anywhere else 🌍💯
I want to review these worldly rules with everybody.
Worldly rules are made up ideas put in other people's minds that this is how it's supposed to be and it's not 🚫💯. Lies put us in bondages. We can not keep on believing the lies. Some might even say I'm crazy because they don't like the fact that they where tricked or the lies are working in there favor either way I'll be that crazy lady 💕💯🍎👑
One money is not real it's a made up rule put in our minds that it's actually worth something. Some might say well precious metals and gems and diamonds are worth a lot no it's just because they just said it was an when we mine for them they are polluting the waters,land and air and in reality it's for control power and manipulation for the masses by the people of the elites that are in control of it.
These rules where put into place to destroy the earth and change people into someone they are not. The world will make a person do things that they wouldn't normally do too survive we can't keep on doing this we are not really living and that's a big problem.
There are other countries suffering and I should know I talk to people all over especially in Africa 🌍 and they have inspired me to do this. I really love Africa and it's seen enough suffering and hardship. I live in America where things are not as hard to get work and opportunities.
America is great because of our constitution and our law's for the people that live here. I feel we are the only one's standing and I feel this is why people try to flee here. It's the freest county on Earth 🌎. I don't want to live in a world where the only safe place is here. In most countries they are mandating people and enforcing people to do things they don't want to do. They are trying to do this here as well but we have not gave in or backed down and we won't either.
I'm going to tell you right now all signs points too that all of the government's around the world are working together acting as they are not.

Walter R. Hnots Disability Resolution

Head of Space Constitution

SSA Disability Benefits Video Attorney

I know it's an old photo of you, but I love the photo.
Its a picture of your journey helping people in need. We all appreciate your time and effort much love and more grace to you 💕🙏🏼💯

Did Donald Trump try to take away your social security benefits

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Police and Military Law Reform

New Police and Military Law Reform

It's time to heal🤕not a time to kill💘
Police and Military enforcement is only allowed to protect and serve and not arrest too meet a quota,no quota should be required or enforced.
We need to get all of our soldiers around the world and stop the abuse of life on Earth 🌍

Video Title

Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy

He had a Dream, and We are that Dream🌻

What really happened and a tribute to him 💗💌🌍

Martin Luther King Jr. Conspiracy theories

Elvis Presley (if I can Dream) tribute to Martin Luther King Jr 👑💗🌍

What we can do to help the Earth

There are ways to get rid of forever chemicals by burning them. We can turn plastic into diesel fuel ⛽ for homes🏘️ and 🚗🚕🚜🚑 vehicles. Most people don't know most of the plastic is not being recycled only certain types are. The plastic is just getting dumped in other places of the world 🌍.
This would be a good way to get rid of most of the forever chemicals and clean the Earth while giving people jobs that is going to make a difference. We can stop nuclear energy coal mining.

This self-sufficient family makes their own fuel out of plastic

Three Corporation's that rule the World

Washington DC, London City, and the Vatican

World occasions a large portion of which are 'designed' leave a path that prompts the engineers. We next find that there are 3 urban communities on earth that go under no public power, they have separate laws, they settle no assessments, they have their own police drive and even have their own banner of 'autonomy'. These 3 urban areas control the economy, military attacks and the otherworldly creatures of those in powers. The 3 urban areas are really enterprises and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control legislators, the courts, instructive organizations, food supply, regular assets, international strategies, economies, media, and the cash stream of most countries just as 80% of the world's whole abundance. Their definitive point is to fabricate an authoritarian standard on a worldwide scale where individuals will be partitioned into rulers and the managed after they have ousted the world to numbers they wish to administer over. What we want to comprehend is that the world doesn't work as per what we have been persuaded to think. We are suffocating in deception. At the focal point of every city state are monster phallic formed stone landmarks called monoliths.
London pillar (also known as Cleopatra's Needle): Located on the banks of the River Thames, this monolith was moved to London and raised in 1878 under the rule of Queen Victoria. The pillar initially remained in the Egyptian city of On, or Heliopolis (the City of the Sun). The Knights Templars' territory stretched out to this space of the Thames, where the Templars had their own docks. Either side of the pillar is encircled by a sphinx, more imagery tracing all the way back to the antiquated world.

In D.C. the pillar is known as the Washington landmark was devoted to George Washington by the cryptic fellowship of Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia in 1848. They likewise contributed 22 masonic remembrance stones. 250 masonic cabins financed the Washington landmark monolith including the knights knight masonic request.

Vatican pillar: Located in St. Peter's Square, was moved from Egypt to its present area, in 1586. The circle on the ground addresses the female vagina, while the actual monolith is the penis. This is normally known as mysterious imagery.

The Roman Empire wins through the :


The City of London was framed when the Romans showed up in Great Britain 2000 years prior and began a general store on the River Thames. Precisely 1000 years after the fact William the Conqueror (King William III) gave sovereign status to the City of Londoners in 1694 permitting them to keep getting a charge out of isolated freedoms and advantages inasmuch as they remembered him as King. The Kings that succeeded William notwithstanding, chose to assemble another capital city and named it Westminster. There have been various cases of the King and the City's Mayor in constant disagreement with one another.

What is impossible to miss is that laws passed by the British Parliament doesn't have any significant bearing to the City of London.

Anyway the City of London is certainly not an autonomous country like the Vatican.

Today the City of London is a one-square mile city. The 2 Londons have separate city lobbies and choose separate chairmen, who gather separate assessments to subsidize separate police who uphold separate laws. City of London has its own different banner and peak while London city doesn't. The Mayor of the City of London has an extravagant title 'The Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of London' and rides a brilliant carriage to Guildhall while the Mayor of London wears a suit and takes a transport. The Mayor of London has no control over the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of London (City of London). What's special is that the City of London is a Corporation and more seasoned than the United Kingdom yet has a delegate in the UK Parliament through an individual known as the 'Remembrancer' who is available to secure the 'City's advantages.

The City of London houses

Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’
Lloyds of London
The London Stock Exchange
All British Banks
The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks
70 USA Banks
Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry
Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as ‘THE CROWN’

1. The City of London is constrained by the Bank of England, a private organization possessed by the Rothschild family after Nathan Rothschild slammed the English securities exchange in 1812 and assumed responsibility for the Bank of England.

The Queen alludes to the City of London Corporation as the 'Firm' however it is known as The CROWN (not addressing the Royalty of Britain). Buckingham Palace is in London however not in the City of London and the City isn't important for England.

City of London straightforwardly and in a roundabout way controls all chairmen, committees, territorial boards, global and trans-public banks, organizations, legal frameworks (through Old Bailey, Temple Bar and the Royal Courts of Justice in London), the IMF, World Bank, Vatican Bank (through N. M. Rothschild and Sons London Italian auxiliary Torlonia), European Central Bank, United States Federal Reserve (which is exclusive and subtly constrained by eight British-controlled shareholding banks), the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland (which is likewise British-controlled and administers each of the Reserve Banks all throughout the planet including our own) and the European Union and the United Nations Organization. The Crown controls the worldwide monetary framework and runs the legislatures of all Commonwealth nations, and numerous non-Commonwealth 'Western' countries also (like Greece). The Crown follows back to the Vatican, which is going by the Pope (who possesses American Express) generally the City of London Corporation would turn into the "One World Earth Corporation" and would secretly claim the world.

2. Washington DC (District of Colombia)

Washington DC isn't important for the USA. Area of Columbia is situated on 10sq miles of land. DC has its own banner and own autonomous constitution. This constitution works under an oppressive Roman law known as Lex Fori. DC constitution doesn't have anything to do with the American Constitution. The Act of 1871 passed by Congress made a different organization known as THE UNITED STATES and corporate government for the District of Columbia. In this way DC goes about as a Corporation through the Act. The banner of Washington's District of Columbia has 3 red stars (the 3 stars indicating DC, Vatican City and City of London).

A glance at the different Treaties brings up the issue of whether US stays a British Crown state. The premise of this returns to the principal Charter of Virginia in 1606 that conceded Britain the option to colonize America and gave the British King/Queen to hold sovereign authority over colonized America and its residents. Colonized America was made in the wake of taking America from the Native Indians. Assuming that America was colonized with British subjects these individuals are subjects of the British Government.

To refute this was the Treaty of 1783 proclaiming freedom from Great Britain. Notwithstanding, this Treaty distinguishes the King/Queen of England as the Prince of the United States.
All things considered, as indicated by the Bouviers Law word reference in 'monarchicial states' a subject owes extremely durable devotion to the ruler in which case the British subjects in colonized America owed super durable faithfulness to the ruler.

The converse is pertinent under Constitutional law where faithfulness is owed to the sovereign and to the laws of a sovereign government and locals are the two subjects and residents.

The issue is assuming that a conflict was battled in 1781 and America became victor for what reason would Britain have to sign a Treaty in 1783? When US has won a conflict, America ought not need the British ruler to surrender land and allude to himself as Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and of the United States? There is additionally the issue of the utilization of the term 'Esquire' given that it is a title of respectability again showing loyalty to the Queen/King and when Benjamin Franklin, John Jay Esquire and John Adams marking in the interest of the US utilize the name 'Esquire' it is bringing up the issue of how legitimate the 1783 Treaty is. John Jay proceeded to sign the 1794 Treaty among England and US raising again why 13 years after the Paris Treaty the US needs to sign a Treaty with England assuming US was truly 'free'.

What should be additionally explored is the reason US actually keeps on paying duty to the City in case it is a free country?

The 1794 Treaty endorsed among England and the US was haggled by John Jay Esquire who arranged the 1783 Treaty. The inquiry is the reason would US have to sign Treaty's with England 13 years after the Paris Treaty of 1783 announcing US autonomous? For what reason would Article 6 and Article 12 keep on directing terms to an 'autonomous' America?

Further perusing of US history would uncover what befell America when it dropped the Charter of the First National Bank in 1811 and promptly subsequently 4500 British soldiers showed up and torched the White House, the two Houses of Congress, the War Office, the US State Department and Treasury and obliterated the approval records (endorsed by 12 US conditions) of the US Constitution wherein the 13thAmendment was to stop anybody getting a Title of honorability or honor from serving the US Government. The 1812 conflict endured 3 years and the Bank Charter was restored in 1816 after the confirmation of the Treaty of Ghent in 1815. Note: thirteenth amendment which was confirmed in 1810 no longer shows up in current duplicates of the U.S. constitution.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was passed by US Congress giving over America's gold and silver holds and complete control of America's economy to the Rothschild banksters. The Federal Reserve is an exclusive financial framework that doesn't have a place with America or Americans.

It is no greater a chance to address whether US is a nation or a company and the US President and authorities at the Congress are working for that Corporation and not for the American public. Apparently the US Corporation is possessed by the very country that claims Canada, Australia and New Zealand whose pioneers are for the most part serving the Queen in her Crown Land and US also has been and stays a crown province that have a place with the Empire of the 3 City States – City of London, Vatican City and Washington DC. The US president is just a nonentity for the national investors and the transnational organizations – the two of which are constrained by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry from the City of London the home of the worldwide monetary framework.

3. Vatican City

The Vatican City isn't important for Italy or Rome. The Vatican is the last evident remainder of the Roman Empire. The State of Israel is additionally supposed to be a Roman station. The Vatican's abundance remembers ventures with the Rothschilds for Britain, France and US and with oil and weapons organizations also. The Vatican's billions are supposed to be in Rothschild controlled 'Bank of England' and US Federal Reserve Bank. The cash moved by the Vatican is more than banks, organizations or even a few Governments and questions why the abundance isn't utilized to hoist essentially the Christian helpless when it lectures about giving?

Vatican abundance has been aggregated over the course of the hundreds of years by burdening extravagances, a few Popes have offered passes to paradise. Today, they are gathering spirits in Asia as a 3rdmillennium objective.

Together the 3 Cities have under the care of them different social orders and gatherings set internationally with their own so nobody challenges their worldwide arrangement and those that do … well every one of the deaths will clarify what occurs.

The Fabian Society is one such substance which written in 1887 is a combination of despotism, Nazism, Marxism and socialism. It isn't difficult to now envision that every one of these 'belief systems' would have additionally been designed by similar individuals. It should not shock anyone then, at that point, to find that the Fabian Society is licensed with making Communist China, Fascism in Italy and Germany and Socialism around the world also. How far individuals have been tricked and furthermore clarifies the pretended by the Fabian Society in defining arrangements for the decolonized British Empire. It would likewise imply that a lot of British instructed locals given the mantle of driving the recently free countries would have additionally been individuals from the Fabian culture. The socialist takeover of Russia also is supposed to be crafted by the British Fabian Society financed by the City of London banking families.

A more critical glance at elements like the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Club Of Rome, The Committee Of 300, the Central 'Knowledge' Agency (CIA), the Council On Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Groups, the 'Central bank' System, the Internal Revenue Service(s), Goldman Sachs, Israel and the Israeli anteroom, the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, the United Nations, the Israeli Mossad, and Associated Press (AP) will uncover that they are all important for the Fabian Society which likewise controls the European Union.

An important statement is that of Australian Senator Chris Schacht who said in 2001 "You presumably didn't know that us Fabians have assumed control over the CIA, KGB, M15, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), IMF, the World Bank and numerous different associations."

From this we ought to understand that NOTHING HAPPENS IN ISOLATION. Subsequently, every occasion anyway little is designed and organized by a modest bunch of individuals who control the world and what happens on the planet.

Together they have been responsible for..!!

1. A worldwide temperature alteration/Climate change – by making an ecological calamity and winning the Nobel Prize, they have made a public mindfulness for a 'worldwide government' that gives them the option to make a move over public states. Known as UN Agenda 21 a more intensive gander at its conditions will uncover how individuals should get authorization for all that they do – at the end of the day it is being utilized to control individuals.

2. Government Banking framework – The Fabian Society made the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 giving over the US economy to a cartel of global agents.

3. Enormous Pharma – is liable for tranquilizing the Third World

4. Arrangement of neighborhood government – advancing devolution and new idea of territorial committees in a bid to build an income producing framework. It is inside a general intend to nullify free sovereign public legislatures. England is isolated in 9 separate locales of the EU. The British will be stunned to find that EU laws overshadow British laws and in case they have questions they need to inquire as to why the Queen and British PMs have marked Treaties giving over power.

5. Cancelation of property freedoms – in 1974 at the Habitat Conference private property was distinguished as a danger to harmony and balance of the climate. Utilizing 'environmentalism' as a ploy the journey was to assume control over earth's assets and spot it under a focal power (UN) and issue licenses for installment. Who possesses the UN… similar financial families. In 1987 the World Wilderness Congress was held coordinated by the Rothschild's World Conservation Bank which was set up that very year. The World Bank is probably going to be supplanted by the World Conservation Bank – the point is to separate public banks and resources will likewise be redirected to the new bank which is the reason there is a plan to blend monetary forms into 2 or 3 significant money gatherings and supplant them with another electronic cash which is supposed to be known as the 'earth dollar'. New Zealand has evidently moved more than 34% of its property region into UN Heritage Areas and Conservation Parks and these will be in every way possessed by similar financial families. In 1992 the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil was led by Mikhail Gorbachev answerable for partitioning the Soviet Union and Maurice Strong, the Rothschild London specialist. The subject was Agenda 21 which gave man freedoms better than creatures, fish, plants, trees and backwoods.

Recommendation #1

(please refer www.treatyofparis.com)

Recommendation #2

An article by John Christian on THE BANKSTER’S ‘WORLD CONSERVATION BANK’and their electronic global currency, the ‘Earth Dollar’ is worth while reading.

Nigeria's US Embassy

Bilateral Economic Relations

The United States is the biggest unfamiliar financial backer in Nigeria, with U.S. unfamiliar direct speculation moved generally in the petrol/mining and discount exchange areas. U.S. commodities to Nigeria incorporate wheat, vehicles, hardware, oil, and plastic. Nigeria is qualified for special exchange benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). U.S. imports from Nigeria incorporate cocoa, elastic, returns, collectibles, and food squander. The United States and Nigeria have marked a two-sided exchange and speculation structure understanding. In January 2016, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker visited Nigeria to start off a reality tracking down mission with senior U.S. business leaders who contain President Obama's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa. The Council's visit highlighted the wide U.S. responsibility by both government and the private area to progress financial commitment with Nigeria. The BNC meeting of March 30, 2016 noticed the U.S. furthermore Nigerian Governments' vow to cooperate to guarantee most extreme use of current projects to advance exchange and venture, including AGOA and the two-sided exchange and speculation structure arrangement.

Nigeria's Membership in International Organizations
Nigeria and the United States have a place with some of similar global associations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization. Nigeria additionally is an onlooker to the Organization of American States.

US Embassy of Nigeria Contacts

Value Our Time Economy V.o.t.e✓Credit Bank 🏦

Please sign the petition and pass it along 💗💪🏾🎁

Treasury Department Contract with V.o.t.e✓
Value Our Time Economy money grant proposal

I'm asking for this money grant on behalf of people everywhere to create a cryptocurrency workers app. to stimulate the world's economy and to make the Earth a better place to live, create better jobs and Safer working environments for communities.
I have applicant's wanting and willing to work for this program project globally. Peaple will get paid daily after each clock in and out day when they worked on there ledger app. the value of the currency will be equivalent to USD and everyone will be paid $15.00 an hour for there services without discrimination or type of work.
The currency will be converted into the person's country currency depending on the currency exchange at that time and to pay for work materials.
I have a few places willing to make the app. I'm calling it V.o.t.e.✓Credit Bank it's a international nonprofit banking system I don't value money. I value worker's time, credibility, skill and safety for the worker's in the communities.
I'm asking that this currency be left out of inflation price's the whole purpose of the currency is to stimulate the world economy and create more environmental jobs for better living and promote work and to build better communities

Global Work Project