Professional inspection and Analysis to identify, protect and prevent a pest infestation crisis

Over 10 years Experience with Residential, Commercial and Food Plant Production, Packaging, warehouse and manufacturing facilities pest management experience!

Moving? Renting? Buying?

Toronto and Surrounding Area be advised that infestations of Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Rodents is on the rise and when it's your turn it just might be too late.

An innovative proactive but affordable approach to ensuring your newly purchased condo, or leased rental apartment, even attached or detached house is free of unwanted potential infestations.

Assessments are performed by a Licenced professional, the location is thoroughly analysed and assessed for past and existing evidence or infestations.

Additional Services available:

- Certified documentation/ disclosure report and letters if required for any legal purposes

- Pest Free And Pest Prevented - Professional Certified Clearance Certificates

- Questioning current, reoccurring, unsuccessful and questionable service, inspection or insecticide treatment performed by a company and you feel something is not right.

* Then have that concerning service assessed and documented by a experienced versatile professional who will protect you and your well-being, provide documentation of the assessment and recommend control or prevention measures needed to ensure your home is pest free.

Provide prevention and exclusion services which can easily be added upon request after the assessment

Recommendations are suggestions and you make the final decision.

Uncover the hidden truths of pest infestations that are present but not visible to the untrained eye and are being neglected, band aided AKA covered up to appear as non existent then eventually blamed on you after you move in

Including but not limited to residential dwellings or commercial restaurants, office and factory/ warehouse setting. This is If you need to see if you are being misleaded, underserved, cheated or neglected by your current pest control provider but need documentation to bring forward as your defense.