Hey welcome to my milkshake there is going to be my coloring my fonts and you guys to get to know me!

Okay so for my coloring here are the apps you need! First 24FPS it’s for apple products I don’t know if they have a similar app in android am very sorry the code will be in the second page! second app is PREQUEL the things are going to be effects dust they you go to adjust and go to exposure -47, contrast -39, highlights-100,shadows-100,blur 24 (optional!) okay third app is COLORTUNE scroll though a few filters until you find “Avalon” press in the filter and when the filter is in the video press it again and put the “ intensity” to +0.43! Next page is my fonts!

Fonts and code

Okay so here your going to find the code and my fonts

Okay so the fonts I use for my theme are “love” and “rainyhearts” btw I think I might switch my theme ik there not much but yeah anyways ily next page is stuff about me and my snap if you wanna be friends!

Stuff abt me!

Idk tbh lmfao

Okay so umm hey am Michelle and I literally love dogs ikr so cute anyways my humor can be “😭😃🖕🏻👏🏻💀😻🥲😩” I can flirt as a joke I can be dry as a joke as well ngl but let me get this straight up if your dry or you don’t like me type in caps cuz you think that’s screaming please unfollow me block me and leave my page pls-😃💀 I have loved coloring SEENS I was little and it’s kinda my passion to do when am bored sad or anything ngl I HATE TYPING PARAGRAPHS PLS- anyways here are some rules I have lmfao 1.please am begging you don’t be dry just please2. show face atlest 2x times so ik your not a pedo and a grandpa🥲👏🏻 3.has a humor- atlest 10-13 idk tbh JUST NOT OLDER THEN 15 ATLEST BDNDJZJ 5.can do all nighters with me sometimes 6.idrc about your idol if you support Zoe or other people 7.I can be really mean as a joke so please don’t ruin my day with saying “that’s so rude🥺” CUZ BITCH AM GOING TO BLOCK YOU💀 8. I can’t really call tbh my parents dont know that I have online friends so yeh😃 9.we can post about each other ig 10. Understand that I have school and that I have other friends 11. You can steal my friends ig they all well leave me anyways lmfao am bi as well so Idk tbh and yea that it ask me in the Q&A thing in my bio if you wanna know anything else! Btw my snap is “michelle_3265”

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