My Mission & Purpose

I am here to be a stand for vulnerability and create a safe space for transformation

Vulnerable Warrior was created to open up the conversation around mental health, and help remove all shame, negativity, and guilt that our society has attached to it.

Through our honest story telling, we are working to achieve a safe place for people to share their experiences. It is important that we share our experiences and stories to heal ourselves and reminding others they are not alone.

Our mission is to open up a physical space where we not only are able to share our stories, but where we can move and feel empowered. There will have a program that is created for anyone that is struggling.

The end goal is to create more resources for people that are FREE and don't break the bank just to find help. We want Vulnerable Warrior to be a charity where all proceeds go to creating this program by the end of 2022.

Join us on our journey, while we evolve, connect, network with others, and share our stories all over the world.

We are here to support whether you have a mental illness, experiencing it through a loved one or just want to learn and support.

You can watch Katie's whole story on the share page or if you skip to 7:45 in her video it will zoom into what she is working on in order to end the stigma around mental health.