Get to know Ridge

Get to know Ridge

Ridge Cohen. Ridge was born June eighteenth into foster care. At the age of 13 he was adopted by the family he knows today. He was adopted as the middle child, the eldest being a girl named Ellis and the youngest as Raelynn. He grew up in a loving family, he excelled in school, especially literature. But it seemed there was something still missing. He seeked more. He graduated early, and went straight to college, where he majored in English language Arts. After he graduated NYU, he pursed his own company. Over time his company blossomed into what is known as Cohens Arts. Cohens Arts is a publishing company that varies in all forms of literature. Ridge know lives in the lap of luxury and is very close with his family. He can be hard to understand at times but you just have to got to know him.

Favorite Color

As boring as this may be Ridge likes plain simple colors. He tends to lean more towards grays instead of black and white, he feels as though it’s a good medium.

Ridges favorite type of food

Ridge’s favorite cuisine is french food. Ridge loves the cultures take on food. After a business trip to France he fell in love.

Dish number one

Bouillabaisse. A dish of Mediterranean fish and shellfish stew served over a toasted slice of bread.

Dish number two

Moules mariníères
Mussels cooked in a herb-flavored white wine broth.

Dish number 3

Bœuf Bourguignon
Beef pieces braised with red wine and mushrooms.