New Beginnings

new additions to the family : Baby Sofia & puppy papas

About me

Who the jank am I

Victoria here, currently a 19 year old mother to a baby girl. A fiance to an amazing man and an owner to an intelligent German Shepherd puppy. College student.

My top picks

Easy meals

30 min. Or less meals with basic common ingredients. Simple and efficient.

Strawberry & chocolate pancakes

Cut freash strawberries & put them aside
Butter your pan
Get that pre-made pancake mix & add some water
Add chocolate chips while pancake is cookin'
readd butter to pan after each flip
Add both chocolate chips and strawberries in between each pancake.

Spicy speggetti/lo mein w/chicken

This was an accidental dinner...
Cut boneless chicken into peices
Cook them with red pepper & veggie oil
Cook plain spageghetti noodles in another pot in the meantime
Drain pasta then out pasta in chicken pan
Add red pepper flakes in pasta along with Texas Pete hot suace and a dash of Buffalo sauce
Add 1/2 cup of Colby jack cheese
Stir & stir & stir
Add a pinch of salt
Add a lil bit if chicken broth
Add 1/4 part soy suace
Add literally barely any ginger & garlic
Lay cooked chicken on top
Cut some green onion sprinkle on top

Nachos, beans & rice with street corn

Layer from bottom to top :
Tortilla chips, ground beef/shredded chicken, tomatoes (diced), cheese (liquid), lettuce (Julian style), Jalapeños (sparengly), shredded cheese, grated cheese, hot suace & guac.
I use canned beans & already made rice...
Street corn :
Get a whole corn on a Cobb and microwave for 80 seconds. Remove and apply Mayo, then chili powder then grated cheese. Done.

Chocolate chip & banana pancakes

Pancake mix.
Add chocolate chips inside pancake mix batter
Slice bananas & add onto pancake along with chips

My top fragrancce 2019


The box is visually appealing with its soft rose color tone with the rose gold reflective outline giving it that extra umf. Definitely gives a girly appearance. The perfume is carefully packaged inside the box. The perfume bottle itself is like no other! I am in love with the shape of the fragrance, it is similar to ones phone, very sleek, thin and rectangular versus most typical perfume bottles that are thick, short and tall. The box perfectly reassembles the perfume itself. The smell itself was a bit disappointing due to it having a very distinct odor just like any other fragrance. The smell does have a sweet and mature odor but nothing different or special. Would recommended to family members.
Update ***** I had applied TWO spritz of this perfume on my longsleve on Monday night, on Thursday I was going to do luandry when I smelled something good, like really good! I found the longsleve and was fascinated not only how long it lasted but also how contagious it was. Two other clothing items simple touched the longsleve overnight and had a subtle yet not ice smell of the Idôle Parfum?! I also took notice that I perfected the Parfum more days after the application as if it aged to perfection. I now rate this 5/5 stars! I recieved this item #complimentary thanks to both #influencer and #lacôme in return for my full honest experience with the product.

Autumn's leaves, pumpkins please!

Sofia’s first Fall