About Nia Monea!

An Aspiring Artist Who Loves Potatoes In Any Form

Virago Art (Nia Monea) is a young black traditional artist who dabbles in all art mediums; from acrylic paint to ink, soft pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, and many more. She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up being fascinated and interested in anime, books and especially movies. She has always had a passion and love for all things art related. She is still learning and perfecting her skills.

She loves going to the beach and watching the sun set, and If you asked to see the camera roll on her phone it would be filled with photos of lakes and the clouds, because she is a day dreamer and loves taking pictures of both the sky and the water. She loves to go for a night swim with her friends. Even though she’s a giant scaredy-cat. She would describe herself as quiet and awkward, but only before she gets to know you.

A quote from the artist herself.
“I want to make art that one day inspires someone the way I was inspired. I want to continue to learn and make more progress towards my goals of being a better artist.”

~Nia Monea

Nia Monea’s YouTube Channel

Art, Traveling, Life Experiences And More Make Up My Channel!

Nia Monea post videos every Friday. Her latest one is a traditional speed painting. It’s of a girl with lavender hair.

Traditional speed Paint 🎨

A Mini Day In my Life| Vlog ;)

A Day Of Hiking 🥾 | A Beautiful Day