Hi!! I am Hailey!

Let’s change your world for the better—

Just over a year ago, I was struggling with the worst anxiety I had ever faced. Money was tighter than tight, we were living paycheck to paycheck because when we moved our income was cut in half, my husband was working all the time and I was buried under the throes of motherhood with our sweet, little baby girl Camille, praying for more for us. I knew I wasn’t here to just barely get by.
I had been following a girl on social media and watching her live a life of complete freedom, working off social media. She was a mom of five, and I couldn’t shake the feeling I was seeing her posts for a reason. One day I was talking with my husband about her and he said “please message her even if it’s not for you”!
I did, reluctantly, and after a day of talking, badgering, praying, and going back and forth I decided what the heck. 10 months in, I was earning more than my husband, and now we’ve earned our third four figure check which has been sooo life changing for our little family!
Today, we earn more in a month than we used to earn in three. We are able to give back more in a month than we used to make in a month, and make an impact we never dreamt possible! One girl’s posts, over and over again on my newsfeed, changed my entire life! Five seconds of courage and one leap of faith bought my freedom and became the platform for complete transformation for my entire life!
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