Living life for a living

I go by Nani but if you don’t already know, my name is Yesenia🌻
I was born in Los Ángeles California but I was raised in Fortworth Texas almost my whole life, i move back and forth every now and then though.
I’m a full time independent business owner & entrepreneur
I never liked the idea of working for someone else’s dream and trading my hours for dollars🤦🏽‍♀️ i believe we are God’s highest form of creation, we are worth so much more then just minimum wage or being limited to an amount of income weekly or bi-weekly.
Before becoming a business owner/trader I had no background or prior knowledge to investing, running, or starting a business, i thought i wasn’t even qualified to.
i never had heard about trading before.
a month before i got started i used to work as a busser at a restaurant and I always told myself, there is something out there for me.
Something that can allow me travel, be my own boss, & to turn “dreams” into reality.
expect i didn’t know what it would be or how i would come about it.
Something my mentor always said is nothing is a coincidence, somehow someway we all manifested this into our lives.
Whether it was through prayer, desire, or a simple thought we all ended up here for a purpose, to live our purpose.
Through out my journey I acquired skill sets and gained access to information, im beyond grateful that this has helped better my mindset and situation along with countless others.
I am now an architect of my future rather then a prisoner of my past.
I now guide new entrepreneurs and investors through the same process and blueprint to empower them to live their fullest potential💫
why trading ?
trading is a skillset that will set you free. once you learn it no one can take it away.
forex is not only an investment to yourself, not only is it an investment in your future, but it is also an investment in your family, and future generations.
and whether you have a sort of opinion towards trading like if you think its not for you, you think you don’t have time, maybe your lacking belief at the moment.
trading is a useful skillset, and it can be fun to do once you have the proper education 👾
Trading requires skill and patience, but it still shouldn’t take up your whole day.
We have gone through the education to shorten your learning curve✂️
If you consider yourself open minded, ambitious, & open to new possibilities. whether it’s going all in or doing this without quitting what your doing now...
Or sick and tired of being sick and tired ?
lets get connected ! Click the link ❤️‍🔥