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Camera is god! If not, show me another gods that freeze time and catches moments. I work with god, I love my god, my camera is god.


Nollywood Mall

You’re just a click away from magic

NITAN (Produced & Directed by Wale Astro)


Price Tag (produced & Directed by Wale Astro

It doesn’t matter how many resources you have, if you don’t know how to use them.. they will never be enough

After I graduated from secondary school as art student, I was interested in acting. However, as I spent my time watching, learning, and working with different mentor, I found myself drawn to behind camera & post production part of the art. From then on, Creating, directing really became an escape for me. I had the power to create a story without confined or limited view points to be shared with the world. After I realized my passion for film making, I wanted to learn everything there was to learn about it. It was so intriguing to find ways to share what was in my head with the viewers on screen. While working in the studio, film making became my daily job for and really opened up my eyes to the possibilities and different ways i could visually shock the viewers through the creating and directing by sharing a story. I wanted to learn more about how it is done like mentors like Kunle Afolayan, Niyi Akinmolayan, Izu ojukwu, Toka mcbaro, Tunde Kelani among others and all of the many ways i can put different shots together and really make it compelling!” My name is Akinleye Olawale and I love my career

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