About Me

I'll like you more if you call me Wana

I studied psychology but work as a graphic designer and recently try to learn some cooking because I want to eat delicious food. Wish me luck!

This is What I Do

Digital Imaging

I got my first job as Image Specialist where it needs photoshop more as the tool because what we did is to retouch everything. It also called digital imaging. I have a lot of fun when I do this. I never knew this was a thing before. I just have a hobby to make poster-like editing with my face and my friends or any famous idol we like lol. Glad I can make this unusual hobby into a professional job.

Graphic Design

The difference with this one is graphic design job is to make a flyer, banner, 2D illustration, etc. I still use Photoshop for most of it but sometimes I try to use Illustrator, although I'm new with this software but I tried my best.

Social Media Branding

I used to manage client's Instagram for rebrand purpose. There are various kind of preference and they're satisfied with my work.

Jewelry Photography

This one is tricky but also memorable. My previous director give me time to learn and explore because I don't have any experience in photography at all. Jewelry photography is one of the hardest kind of photography because the object is small and detailed.