Our mission here at Wander Thrifts is simple: do good for others, do good for our planet, and do good for small businesses.

How we do good for others

$1 is donated to “the charity of the month”, which is selected and announced on the first of every month. Each charity we choose to donate proceeds to is non-profit, focusing on individuals who are often overlooked such as lgbtq+ youth and adults, minorities facing racial injustice and prejudice, and women who are victims of domestic abuse.

How we do good for our planet

One tree is planted for every item sold, which is planted by us personally at the end of each month. After planting the tree you will receive gps coordinates of your trees location. We also focus on selling only sustainably sourced clothing, which aids in water conservation, decreases landfill waste, reduces chemical pollution, and lowers our carbon footprint. All of our shipping and packaging for both our clothing and handmade jewelry is either recyclable or reusable, as well.

How we do good for small businesses

Every clothing item you purchase has been sustainably sourced from small scale and locally owned thrift stores. We do not purchase from large corporate chains, warehouses, or wholesale. Another way we support small business is by doing pop-up shops both locally and in our surrounding communities. This drives traffic to and from the store hosting us, as well as gives us a great way to connect with other small business owners and the means to support one another. We also buy the majority of our jewelry making supplies from small shops located on Etsy and Instagram, rather than large online selling platforms.

How YOU do good

Whether you are able to buy an item or not, you are supporting the dream of a:

lgbtq+ community member

and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being here and making my dream a reality.

-Shelby Joy