Walk with me for a moment ..

My name is Alysha but I get called Lysh more often.

Heres a bit of background info on me ..

Growing up I was infatuated with horses. Started riding at the age of 8, this began my journey with understanding and building a relationship with these beautiful animals. They taught me how to feel and understand energy as this was their only language.

In high school, science was my go to. I studied Chemistry, Biology and Exercise Science majors. Although I loved learning everything science .. school was tough. I struggled to learn like everyone else. Usually drawing up mindmaps in the back of my book to attempt to understand what was being taught. This left me exhausted and sick. With my final year of school coming to a close, the question ‘what is your career path?’ became more daunting. You would think studying science was the obvious choice but my inner voice was telling me otherwise. I was lost and confused. Trying other paths like the desire to open my own coffee shop .. still left me with the same feeling in my stomach. Until one day, struggling with where to next place my foot, my mum mentioned I’ve alway been fascinated with holistic health and that I should speak with a family friend whom was working at a retreat in Thailand. This sparked joy in my soul. A month later I was on a plane headed for Thailand where I was interning at a retreat centre for 3 months. This changed my perspective of life completely.