W+K Eats: Our Top Picks

Enjoy! Love, W+K

Check out our top picks for great restaurants in the Nashville Area, fast recipes to make throughout the week, or fun cocktails to share with friends. Be sure to come back weekly for updates!

Original Thai Sriracha

After months of searching in all the international markets in Nashville, we finally found (on Amazon of all places) the original Thai Sriracha from Sriraja Panich. This brand- in our opinion- has a much deeper flavor than the the Dancing Rooster Sriracha. With more sweetness and umami rather than just spice. But don't just take our opinion- Try it yourself!

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Cookbook- Simple Cake

This book is an extremely easy read, and the best part is that Odette explains different life events that each of her cakes are a perfect match for! Empty handed to a housewarming party or 4th July Picnic? No More! Simple Cakes gives you the perfect cake, as well as customizable recipes, to show of your baking skills.
P.s. the milk & honey cupcakes with whipped cream frosting is our favorite

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Cocktails- Lemon, Rosemary Gin Fizz

K saw this cocktail on Pinterest last week and she's been craving one ever since. Maybe this will be the adventurous thing we try this week- mixology!
Whether it's The Travel Bite's lemon, rosemary gin fizz or just a vodka & tonic, make a cocktail, kick your feet up, and enjoy the last month of summer! 🌞

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Restaurants- Daddy's Dogs, Nashville, TN

Daddy's Dogs is the best place to go for an easy summer going out meal, check out the brick and mortar (West Nashville) or follow one of their hotdog carts. Their creative hotdogs inspired us so much we had a build-your-own hotdog night. P.S. try the Seattle dog!

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Whether it's steak or pork chops this marinade is delicious and simple. Best part - all the ingredients are in your pantry.
Serve with fresh veggies and rice and you got yourself a meal for the week!

Soy-Basted Marinade ›

Kitchen Gadgets

WARNING: if you have been cooking without an instant read meat thermometer stop what you're doing and buy this one. Not only is it easy to clean, but it's easy to read and has a nifty magnet inside so you never lose it. Ours hangs on the side of our refrigerator for easy access!

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