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Ketone questions answered!!!!

Keto 101

Keto 101 is a great resource to check out . All short videos on a variety of topics that involve ketones and health .

  1. Ketones and Hormones

  2. Exogenous Ketone supplementation without dieting

  3. Ketones and mood

Fasting teaches your body to burn fat for fuel!!!

It’s easier than you think !!!!

I was terrified at first of fasting. What do you mean I can’t eat!!! I will die!!! These thoughts stopped me for a long time. Then I let go of my need for perfection and I embraced my need to get healthy. I learned that fasting didn’t have to be difficult if you had the right tools. There are 3 different types of fasting I do myself and I highly recommend that anyone looking for optimal healthy also work at trying.

  1. Intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting

    This is the first type of fasting I recommend starting with. You would eat supper then go without eating for as long as you can overnight and into the following morning. At first you can aim for a 12 hr non-eating window with the goal of working up to 16 hrs daily. With this type of fast I use a keto coffee in the morning to help me go longer without eating. This is a coffee with heavy cream and MCT oil in it. This will keep you from eating longer and the MCT oil will help your body produce more natural ketones because you are in a fasted state . The goal here is that when you reduce your caloric intake, your body will use its stored fat for energy.

  2. Monthly 60 hr Reboot

    Monthly 60 hr Reboot

    Once a month I recommend doing a 60 hr fast. This is the king of fasting; the ultimate whole body reset; resets your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to use fat for fuel; gives your body a full complete break from digestion. This fast starts after supper on the first day and you don’t eat again until the morning of the 4th day. This is also an assisted fast. The kit has enough product for the entire 60 hrs plus a guide for you to be successful. My advice for this advanced fast is not strive for perfection. Any amount of fasting is a success. You do the best you can do. It’s never a fail.

Keto Kreme

Functional Fat technology

This is my favourite. I start everyday with a half pkg of this in my coffee. It is the perfect ratio of C8, C10, and C12 MCTs which provides maximum mental clarity and boosts energy faster and longer than other fats or oils. The C-Med 100® assists in repairing cellular DNA structures in the body. There is a specific blend of collagen types I, II, V, and X in this product which is the ideal formula for maximized mental and physical performance. Plus it tastes so good …

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Upgraded electrolytes

This powerful product improves energy metabolism, increases muscle mass, improves cognitive function and performance. Added bonus of vitamin D3 which most of us are deficient in. This has become a must have for me.

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Our Mindset

Half the battle is what we are focusing on …

Everything is ENERGY; your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your action increase it’s momentum.

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My story

If I can do it trust me YOU can too

In January 2021 I was in pretty rough shape. My weight was the highest it’s ever been; my blood pressure was high; I was having kidney issues; I was having major gynecological issue’s; I was extremely fatigue; climbing stairs was too much for me. I felt so heavy and dragging all the time. I was barely managing to get through each day. It wasn’t a good time period for me. Then I got connected to the pruvit community through a friend. I already had ketones but had t been taking them so I decided to do a 10 day challenge with a group Best decision I ever made. I started taking two ketones a day everyday and really immersed myself into the challenge. My life slowly began to change. I immediately noticed I had more energy. I was no longer hitting that afternoon wall of fatigue that made me desperate for sugar or coffee to keep going; I felt more alert and focused. My brain seemed to be working clearer. Then after a few weeks I felt less hungry at meals and I stopped craving sugar and carbs. I no longer wanted that Diet Pepsi I had to have everyday before. I no longer wanted my jelly beans that I was addicted too. Around the 6 week mark I really started to notice my body changing. Inches were gone, weight was going down. I felt amazing…. After a few month my gynecological Symptoms that had plagued me daily for years had disappeared. That I didn’t expect at all. My mood was better this past winter than in past 10 years. I felt positive. I felt happy. I felt stable. That never happens to me January- ‘March are usually my dark months. Inflammation. How could I forget that. I have had two knee surgeries and I experience a lot of joint pain. All that disappeared after a few months; my bloating and heartburn gone. I can’t say enough about the impact all this has had in my quality of life. It’s as simple as remembering to drink the drinks amd let them do there job That seriously is the hardest part !!!!

You will be hooked!!!!